Zaragoza Airport Car Rental

Zaragoza Airport Basis…

The Zaragoza airport services about 500,000 passengers per year thruougout the area of Zaragoza and nearby towns such as Lerida, Tudela, and Huesca as well.  The airport isn’t large, but it is newly remodeled and pleasant enough.

Zaragoza Airport

Zaragoza Airport Car Rental…

Rental car company desks are situated near the baggage claim area.  After picking up your bags, simply turn toward the exit and you’ll see the desks against the exit wall.  Speak with the agent that your vehicle is booked with (hopefully you pre-booked!) and sign the necessary paperwork.

The actual vehicles are situated right outside the terminal.  As you exit the terminal, your first row of vehicles across the little road are rental cars.  Europcar, Avis, Hertz, and National/Atesa area all represented at the Zaragoza.  And, the vehicles are well-marked with little colored signs over the covered bays for each vehicle.  

Getting out of the airport isn’t difficult at all.  Simply drive to your left (as you’re facing the terminal) and soon you will encounter a white sign that directs you to either Zaragoza or Madrid.  

Zaragoza Airport to City Center Directions…

Once you exit the airport area, you will get on a traffic circle.  Go around it and take your first exit (again, signs are very helpful and it’s almost impossible to make a mistake here) towards Zaragoza.  Stay on A-120 for about 4.5 km until you approach another traffic circle.  Take the second exit towards the city (this time the little blue sign will say Logrona and Pamplona as well) and travel over the overpass to the next traffic circle.  Take the 2nd exit at this one and wind around until you get on A-2.  Drive on A-2 until you get to the Avenida de Los Pirineos exit.  Take it all the way into the city of Zaragoza.

Zaragoza Airport Car Rental Return…

To get back to the airport, you can’t just reverse the directions above to do that.  But you will want to find A-2, and then the A-120 road back to the airport.

Many car rental companies in Spain operate on a Full-Empty fuel policy.  This means that you will pick up your rental with a full tank and you should return it with an empty tank.  Of course, this isn’t our favorite fuel policy as it encourages driving your vehicle on fumes, but it is one that is promoted a lot in Spain.  If your rental operates with that policy, you will not want to re-fuel near the airport.  

But if your car has the traditional ‘full-full’ policy (meaning you pick up the rental with an empty tank and you should bring it back to the airport with a full tank), then you will want to re-fuel near the airport.  To do so, there is a Cespr Station on the right-hand side of the road, traveling back on Ctra Del Aeropuerto towards the airport.  The station is less than one mile before getting back to the airport.  

Restaurants Near the Zaragoza Airport…

The airport is a little ways away from the city, so eating choices are somewhat sparse.  But there is a little eatery called Gayarre on the right-hand side traveling back on A-120 (just before the gas station mentioned above).  Delicious Spanish food and a really nice eating environment highlight the restaurant. 

Guyarre Restaurant Entrance
Source: Google Street View

Other Zaragoza Airport Car Rental Considerations…

Prices for rental cars at the airport aren’t too bad.  But just like any location, you can spend quite a bit if you want.  But, basic economy cars can be had for $20-$30 per day.  Run several booking requests and see what comes up.  

Finally, we want to thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you learned a little about renting a car at the Zaragoza Airport.  Come back any time!

Source: Zaragoza Airport

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