Zadar Airport Car Rental

Zadar Airport Background…

There isn’t much to go on concerning Zadar Airport’s history. I couldn’t find any exact dates, but the airport was once a flight school for Lufthansa-which is now the largest airline in Europe. It was also one of the few airports in the world whose taxiway crossed a public road, but that changed in 2010 when the road was closed. Now the airport is a simple joint civilian-military operation for Croatian aviation services.

It’s the fifth largest airport in Croatia, serving more than two hundred and seventy-five passengers each year. It’s seen regular growth over the years and expected to break three hundred thousand passengers served in a single year by the end of 2013.

Flights landing at the airport are served by two runways. The main runway is paved out of asphalt and twenty-five hundred meters long while the second runway is made out of concrete and stretches two thousand meters long. The airport is also one of the main international airports in Croatia, offering various international flights seasonally throughout the year.

Zadar airport terminal croatia

Zadar Airport Car Rentals…

The airport is served by twelve car rental agencies that fight for business from the first arrival to the last arrival. There is a small outdoor building that sits right next to the parking areas outside that houses the rental car agents.  After meeting with the agent, you will be directed to the rental car company that you have pre-booked with.  The whole process isn’t difficult at all. See the map below for exact location.

The twelve agencies you’re able to choose from are Avia, Air, Lulic, Hertz, ORYX, Sixt, National, Europcar, Alamo, Petak, and Uni Rent. Don’t forget to go over your pre-rental checklist (take a couple of pictures of your rental and that might help to save on some confusion about the condition of the rental upon the return) and your Croatian vacation will get off to a good start.

Zadar Airport Map

Zadar Airport Directions to Downtown…

Zadar can trace its history all the way back to the ninth century BC. It has been involved in a laundry list of historical time periods and events that include everything from the early Middle Ages to World War II. There are a ton of architectural attractions to discover and more than a dozen cultural attractions that range from simple museums to annual competitions that cause tourists from all over the world to flock to Zadar each year.

The city is built along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the airport sits outside the western portion of the city in order to keep the noise pollution to a minimum. The drive to the center of the city takes about twenty minutes but is a pretty easy route to follow. You’ll start by driving out of the airport and turning left onto highway D502. The road twists and turns every way imaginable but continue to follow it for seven and a half kilometers until you can turn a little to the left onto Benkovacka cesta. You’re going to continue straight for two and a half kilometers as the road changes names three different times until you can turn left onto Ul. Stjepana Radlca. After making the turn you’ll find yourself in the heart of Zadar.

Sunset in Zadar

Zadar Airport Car Rental Returns...

There are plenty of gas stations along the maze of roads that make up Zadar, but they start to thin out as you head toward the airport. Your best bet for refueling and making it back to the airport with a full tank is to refuel before exiting the western portion of the city. As long as you have a decent fuel efficient vehicle, you shouldn’t have a problem getting back with a full tank. If you’re planning on using a gas guzzler then I suggest either getting a half-half fuel policy or filling a small gascan and taking it with you.

Other Car Rental Options at Zadar Airport…

It’s impossible not find the vehicle type you’re looking for with a dozen rental car companies at your beck and call. As long as you place a reservation two or three days ahead of time, you should have you pick of whatever make and model you want. I do suggest you grab a GPS system along with your vehicle too. Zadar is a giant maze of randomness. You’re going to need a little added help to keep you from getting lost among its streets.
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