Yampa Valley Regional Airport Car Rental

Yampa Valley Airport Background…

The rampant rise of the areas energy industry and the construction of a new ski resort caused the people around Yampa Valley to call for the need of quick transportation to and from the area for tourists and locals alike. The answer to this need was Yampa Valley Airport. Construction began in the middle of 1966 and was completed four months later in the same year. The first daily flight was scheduled to Denver and took about forty minutes to get there through the use of the seven thousand foot runway installed at Yampa Valley Airport.

Twenty years later, the airport saw a significant increase in passengers serviced each year, largely due to the popularity of the areas skiing industry, and decided to expand. It started this expansion by elongating the runway to ten thousand feet in 1986 and completing a terminal upgrade in 1988. In 2003, a three phase plan to expand and renovate the terminal and boarding areas began. The last of the three phases began in 2009 and will likely be wrapped up by the time you land.

Yampa Valley Airport Car Rental

Yampa Valley Airport Car Rentals…

There are five car rental companies that offer their services to the passengers of Yampa Valley Airport. Three of the companies are on-site, including Avis, Budget, and Hertz. Advantage and Enterprise are located just off-site and can be accessed through the use of their free shuttle service. All you have to do is call for the shuttle, which can also be done for free by using the airport’s courtesy phones, and it will arrive just outside the terminal to pick you up.

The counters for the on-site companies are located near the baggage claim area of the main terminal, and you’ll be able to conveniently pick-up your vehicle in the rental lot just outside the terminal if you choose to go with an on-site company. The airport is very small, so there will be no need of a shuttle to get to your vehicle.

Yampa Airport to Hayden Directions…

If you’re not flying to Yampa Valley Airport in order to ski or enjoy a chilly embrace with nature then you may want to rethink your vacation plans. The airport is located in the middle-of-nowhere mountain country. The only town around for miles is Hayden. To get there you’ll need to turn left on Country Road 51 and follow it to State Highway 40. The highway will turn into Jefferson Ave when you reach the town limits and serves as a central road that allows easy transport down the middle of the town.

If you’re headed to Steamboat Springs, then you’ll want to get out of the airport the same way, hop on Highway 40 and travel East (right).

If you’re traveling to Steamboat Springs in your rental car and you find that you could use a good meal, you might look into the Creekside Café in Steamboat Springs.  It’s on your way into town (actual address for you GPS users is 131 11th, Steamboat Springs) and is located in an older, brick building – beautifully remodeled for its current purpose – which is good food.  By all accounts, you can find some of the best eggs benedict here.  Actually, the eggs benedict are prepared 13 different ways, so you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for here.  Prices are reasonable, and there’s a kid’s meal to boot.

Creekside Cafe Eggs Benedict

Yampa Airport Car Rental Return…

The only gas stations near the airport are in Hayden. Your other options are so far away that you’d have to fill up a gas can and pull over just before returning your car to dump the fuel in and get the car back to “F”. The choice between the mercy of a local gas station or use of a gas can is completely up to you, but I doubt the difference in price will be worth the additional hassle.

If you’re traveling from Steamboat Springs, you’d probably better refuel in town.  If you are looking for a gas station near the airport (coming from the East) you’re probably out of luck.

Skiing in Hayden…

There are a ton of ski resorts located all along the countryside around Yampa Valley Airport. However, the best resort most people recommend is also one of the few that has been around since before the airport was constructed. Its name is Steamboat Ski Resort. It is located about forty minutes to the east of Hayden along State Highway 40 in the Steamboat Springs, the town the resort derives its name from. The ski resort is located just off the highway by driving through the town and turning left onto Mt Werner Rd. If you get there and don’t like what you see, you’ll find plenty of competition nearby.

Other Car Rental Options at Yampa Valley Airport…

The airport doesn’t come with a giant selection or cars like most of the other airports across the United States. However, it does provide vehicles that are set up to traverse the harsh chilly landscape you’ll be driving through. The area is covered in snow more often than not, meaning every vehicle in the area has to be outfitted for combat against the harsh snowy weather conditions. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still look your car over and ensure it isn’t prepared for snowy travel though. If it isn’t, you should be able to get it outfitted for free. 
Source: Yampa Valley Airport

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