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Williamsburg International Airport Background…

In 1946 the Peninsula Airport Commission was created to find a suitable piece of land for an airport that would take care of Newport News, Warwick, and Hampton. The following year the commission ended up coming to an agreement with the United States War Asset Administration and received the land that had belonged to Camp Patrick Henry, an old World War II Air Base. The airport was renamed Patrick Henry Field and open for business in 1949. By 1975 the airport had both runways extended and a United States Customs office added that gave the airport its “International” status.

The first news that the airport’s name would change to what it is today was made in 1980, even though the change didn’t officially happen until 1990. A brand new terminal was constructed in 1992, and that airport has done fairly well for itself over the last couple of decades. The airport is looking to receive a couple of new flights through to 2013 and is currently undergoing renovations to update its security systems.


Williamsburg International Airport Car Rentals…

There are five car rental companies that any passenger can choose from during their time at Williamsburg International Airport. All five are located next to the baggage claim area, just inside the main terminal. You’ll be able to pick from Avis, Budget, National, Enterprise, and Hertz. Once you’ve sign all the proper rental agreements, been directed to your car and checked it out properly, you’ll be ready to leave.

The vehicles are stored in the parking garage, right across the road from the terminal.  Simply walk out of the front of the terminal (via the covered walkway) and onto the first floor of the garage.  Locate your vehicle and drive out of the garage and onto Bland Blvd.  Drive out of Bland for about a half of a mile until you get to the stoplight at Jefferson Avenue. You’ll want to turn left onto Jefferson Ave whenever you get the chance. Jefferson Ave will take you to an I-64 on-ramp eventually, where you’ll have to decide where you want to go.

There are three cities for which the airport is really used to reach; Williamsburg, Newport News, and Hampton. To reach Williamsburg, you’ll want to hop onto I-64 East and drive for a couple hours until you reach the Humelsine Parkway exit. Take a left onto Humelsine Parkway, a right onto Pocahontas Trail, following it as it turns into York St, and then continuing straight onto Lafayette St at the tri-prong fork. Once you’re on Lafayette St you’ve officially reached downtown Williamsburg.

Newport News and Hampton are a little easier to access. In fact, you don’t even have to get onto the interstate to get to the heart of Newport News. Follow Jefferson Ave under the overpass and continue down until you can turn left onto Thimble Shoals Blvd and you’ll have reached the downtown area of Newport News. For Hampton you’ll want to get on I-64 West and continue until you come across the N Armistead Ave exit. Once you get off the interstate and onto N Armistead Ave, you’ve made it to the heart of Hampton.

But, while you’re on Jefferson and before you get onto I-64 you might decide that you’re hungry.  There is a nice little pizza joint just off of Jefferson as you’re traveling on your short journey to I-64.  Turn right at the Lowe’s sign near the Shell Station as you approach I-64.  Travel back on Chatham, and you’ll see a little Pizzeria called Sunrise Pizza near the Home Depot and the Farm Fresh grocery store.  The Pizzeria serves up good little pizzas and sandwiches, etc.  The restaurant has several locations around the area and is a favorite of the Newport natives in the area.

Sunrise Pizzeria

Williamsburg Airport Car Rental Return…

Gas stations are easy to get to on your way back. If you’re taking I-64 then you’ll want to use the Jefferson Ave exit to get back to the airport. There are a ton of gas stations along Jefferson’s Ave. You have everything from Exxon to Sam’s Club to locally owned refueling stations to choose from. Pick something somewhere along Jefferson Ave and you’ll be able to get back to the airport on “F” easily. If you’d rather avoid all the other tourists and airport car renters in the area, you could just take one of the exits before Jefferson Ave or refuel a little further down the road instead. You won’t have a problem finding something just right for you and the vehicle you choose.

When approaching the rental car garage facility at the airport, simply watch for signs.  The entry into the garage is actually on the other side of the terminal, so simply slow down, and turn to you left at the appropriate entrance area.

Other Car Rental Options at Williamsburg International Airport…

 The area is a metropolitan sort that can be a bit confusing. The interstate, since there is only one in the entire peninsular area, can get jammed up quickly during rush hour times. Get yourself a GPS system from whichever car rental company you choose to go with, they all offer their own GPS packages, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money.
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