Westchester Airport Car Rental

Westchester County Airport Background…

Westchester County Airport was one of the many that were built around the United States at the beginning of World War II as part of the United States’ Air Defense Plan. The first commercial flights started shortly after the war ended, in 1949. It started with just one flight that would take off for a myriad of stops before landing back at Westchester each night.

For a long time the airport had regular flights to Canada but never bothered adding “International” to its name. These flights were recently cancelled in 2010, leaving the airport without any international flights until a regular flight to the Bahamas started in 2011. It is one of the smaller airports in the U.S., serving fewer than one million people per year. Although this is largely because the state it is in, New York, has a few of the largest airports in the United States that dominate the commercial aviation trade in the state.

Westchester County Airport

Westchester County Airport Car Rentals…

Being one of the lesser used airports in New York, Westchester Airport passengers are only serviced by five car rental companies. All five are located on-site, close to the baggage claim area. You can pick up your vehicle in the parking area just outside of baggage claim once you’ve finalized all the paperwork. The five companies you have to choose from are Avis, Alamo, Budget, Hertz, and National.

Rental vehicles at the airport are situated right next to the airport.  If you walk out of the front of the terminal, you will find the rental car parking lot sitting just to your right. 

Westchester Airport Directions…

Westchester Airport is directly on the New York-Connecticut border and is associated with the small town of White Plains, just north of New York City. If you’re flying into Westchester County Airport then you’re probably using it to catch a series of flights to your true destination, using it to avoid the major traffic of the bigger airports in and around New York City, or looking to visit the rural area of New York. I’ll make sure you’re covered on all fronts.

Let’s start with the easiest of the three possibilities; that you really mean to visit The Big Apple. There are three ways out of the airport. You’ll want to leave via the Rye Lake Ave exit that can be reached from Airport Rd. Turn right off of Rye Lake Ave onto King St and follow it until you reach County Road 15, also known as Hutchinson River Parkway. Turn right onto County Road 15 and follow it until you reach I-287. Take the I-287 West exit and proceed until you find the I-87 South exit. You’ll follow I-87 South through Yonkers, the Bronx, Manhattan, and finally reach New York City after a couple of hours.

If you’re looking to visit one of the many small towns around the area then you’re going to have to grab a GPS and find your way, because there are too many for me to tell you how to get to them all. If you’re looking to get to White Plains though, take the same Rye Lake Ave exit to King St, but turn left onto King St and hop on the I-684 South on-ramp when you get to it. Stay to the right along I-684 South until you’re able to take an exit onto I-287 West. Take the Westchester Ave exit and you’ll have successfully made your way to White Plains.

Westchester Avenue - White Plains, New York

Westchester Airport Car Rental Return…

Simply reverse the directions from your final destination and travel back to the airport.  However, you will probably want to re-fuel at the nearest gas station possible.  Doing so might save you quite a few dollars in fuel costs.  The problem is that we don’t know of a good gas station near the airport.  So, we would recommend that you fill up wherever it is you’re leaving from.

Other Airport Amenities…

If you’re stuck waiting to change planes, it’s going to be a pretty long wait. There is only one restaurant, known as the Skytop Restaurant, and one gift shop called Gift Shop. Luckily, the restaurant has a bar that doesn’t close until 2am, so if you’re stuck at an odd hour you’ll at least be able to grab a drink while you wait. I suggest bringing a book or making sure you have your phone or laptop charger on you.

Other Car Rental Options at Westchester County Airport…

Get a GPS system. I can’t stress this enough. New York is a maze of winding roads. You will get lost in a heartbeat without a GPS system of some kind, and no, your phone’s GPS will not hack it. Sure, it’ll cost you a little bit more money per day, but you’ll save more money with it than without it. Oh, and reserve your vehicle ahead of time. It’s first come, first serve, and there aren’t very many options to begin with. 

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