Weeze Airport Car Rental

Airport Basics.....

The Weeze/Laarbruch Airport was founded in 1954 as a British military airport.  Over the years, it was used as such, but in 1993 the airport was founded as the Flughafen Niederrhein GmbH.  In 2001 a group of Dutch investors bought the airport to prepare it for civilian passenger transportation.  The investors initiated the creation of new terminals.  In 2003, the new airport commences service to London.  In 2004, connection to the Antayla Airport (the second busiest airport in Turkey) began.   Ever since, the airport has exceeded all expectations in terms of passenger (and terminal) growth.


Car Rental at the Weeze Laarbruch.....

There are currently several major car rental companies with desks in the arrival area.  Europcar, Mietwagen, Sixt, Avis and Hertz each maintain car rental services for passengers arriving at the Weeze Airport.

When exiting out of the Weeze Airport for the first time, you may think that you've found the airport that literally sits in the middle of nowhere.  Not so.  Although service to the city of Weeze is probably pretty small, larger cities in the area of Eastern Netherlands are quite proud to use the Weeze Airport. 

After putting around Flughafen-Ring, you will soon run into Wember Strasse (or now referred to as Auf Der Schanz.  This road is a North-South road that sits just to the East of the airport.  It will be your primary road both in and out of the facility.  Depending on which direction you choose to go with your rental car after landing at the airport, you will use it.

Airport Amenities.....

Other than car rental, there are other things to enjoy about the Weeze - Dusseldorf Airport as well.  Information desks are situated on the ground level of the terminal, and should be able to answer any questions that we aren't able to in the scope of this article.

Shopping in the Weeze Airport is somewhat limited, but there is a duty-free shop called Chacalli located in the departure area, after security.  Remember that duty-free is available to persons whose destination is outside the European Union. 

Hotels at the Weeze Airport.....

According to the Weeze Airport website, they are now reporting that they offer a fully furnished hostel on the airport premises.  They say that they have both singles and doubles, for up to about 40 Euros per night.  According to the picture, it doesn't look very luxurious, but it might be worth checking out for the budget-minded traveler.

Another popular landing place for Weeze-Laarbruch travelers is the Hotel Jagerhof.  The Jagerhof is about 4 km from the airport - North on Wember, left on L631, right on Kardinal-Galen-Strasse.  The airport as free internet, and sits right in the heart of the 10,000 member city of Weeze.  The address for the Jagerhof Hotel is Bahnstrasse 24, Weeze Germany and the current single room rate - with breakfast - is € 52,50 per night.  Not too shabby, and probably quite a bit cheaper than what you'd find in a larger town.  The rooms are smoke-free and there's actually a bowling alley inside the hotel for those looking to get a little exercise after a long flight.

Car Rental Driving Distances.....

As mentioned above, the Airport Weeze is an airport without a town.  Most passengers flying into the airport are not necessarily heading to the town's namesake.  They often head to other parts of Germany, or even the Eastern towns of the Netherlands.  To be helpful, we have identified a few towns that travelers might be interested in driving to, and have included the car rental driving distance for convenience.  All driving distances are estimates only, and if you are needing exact driving distances, we always recommend that you reserve a GPS when booking your car.  Distances are in kilometers from the airport.

Downtown Weeze, 4 km.
Kleve, Germany 28 km.
Essen Germany, 80 km.
Bochum Germany, 95 km.
Munster Germany, 156 km.
Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 56 km.
Wijchen, The Netherlands, 55 km.
Oss, The Netherlands, 78 km.
Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 61 km.
's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, 89 km.
Arnhem, The Netherlands, 83 km.

If you'd like to experience The Netherlands in a day, try the Open-Air Museum In Arnhem.  This museum gives tourists (and business travelers alike) a pretty good idea of the Dutch life over the years.  Authentic buildings, windmills, barns and various shops are situated all over the large park, giving visitors the sights, sounds and smells of The Netherlands.  Ticket prices vary according to the season, but are about € 14,50 in the summer.  The park is open from the middle of January to the end of March, but many of the attractions are not.  Check out their homepage to get a better idea of what's available to you.

Open Air Folk Museum, Arnhem

If you are interested in how the Dutch lived at any given point in time this is the place to see how they lived by walking through authentic buildings including houses, barns, shops and of course windmills. It's a lesson for all ages and it's fun to see the various aspects of Dutch life. Kids love it because it is spacious and with lots of free tram rides

Vehicle Types Available at the Weeze Airport.....

Virtually any type of vehicle is available to hire at this airport.  From compact cars to luxury cars to SUV's, this airport has just about any type of vehicle that your heart desires.  Of course, we always recommend booking early to assure yourself that you get the type of vehicle you want at Weeze Airport Car Rental.

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