Visby Airport Car Rental

Visby Airport Background…

Visby Airport is the twelfth largest airport in Swedan and the only airport that serves Gotland, a popular native tourist area. The airport has been declared a world heritage site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It serves as both a regional civilian and military airport with two accessible runways, the main runway being sixty-five hundred feet in length while the secondary runway serves smaller private flights that can land on a thirty-six hundred foot runway.

The airport serves about three hundred and fifty thousand people a year, although most passengers utilize the airport during the busy summer months. The difference is night and day, with only about eighteen thousand passengers flying in and out of the airport during January and more than fifty thousand using the airport’s facilities during July. The airport does accept small international flights but varyingly. In 2011 only sixteen thousand international passengers landed and/or took off from the airport. Total landings are just under six thousand each year.

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Visby Airport Car Rentals…

There are five car rental companies that operate on-site at the airport. The five companies you’ll have to choose from include Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Wisby Biluthyrning, and MABI Hyrbilar Gotalnd. They all have counters located within the terminal, simply glance at a directory after stepping off your plane or ask a nearby employee for directions to the counter of your choice. You’ll be required to sign your rental agreement ahead of time in order to receive your keys. Once you do, you’ll be directed to your rental vehicle and ready to depart into the wondrous scenic tourist masterpiece that is Gotland.

Cars are parked outside the terminal.  When you walk out of the terminal after meeting with your representative, you will notice that most all of the vehicles (non-rentals included) are parked in a lot near the road – away from the terminal.  Once you get to the lots, you will notice the little rental car signs marking each rental space.  This should help in finding your car.

Sign Coming out of the Visby Airport
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Visby Airport Directions to Visby…

Visby is the largest town around which all other small towns in the area are centered. The airport is located just outside the metropolis-like area yet only sits about seven minutes away from the center of Visby. You’ll start your journey by exiting the exit via one of two ways. Both of the exit roads are named Lilla Hastnaskviar, which can make things a bit confusing, but you’ll still want to turn left onto Route 149 regardless of which exit you choose (turning right will take you to Snack). Follow Route 149 until it runs into a roundabout, hopefully you brush up on your roundabout etiquette before flying into Sweden if you’re not used to them already, and take the second exit from the roundabout onto Kung Magnus vag. After a little more than half a kilometer the road will fork and you’ll need to make a slight right in order to stay on Kung Magnus vag. After almost three-quarters of a kilometer you’ll be in the direct center of Visby.

Visby Airport Car Rental Return…

From this location you’ll find the major districts of Visby by turning right at the next intersection and picking your way through the mazes of roads laid out around the coastal area. You’ll want to remember where you are though because you’ll want to take Kung Magnus vag back to the airport in order to easily refuel during your return trip. Despite the area’s touristic prominence, there aren’t many gas stations around. One OKQ8 can be found just before you reach the Kung Magnus vag fork and the other is located along Route 149 after taking the second exit from the roundabout, the latter is also the closest gas station to the airport. Either one will sufficiently allow you to make an easy return trip.

Other Car Rental Options at Visby Airport…

The on-site airport car rentals are loaded with both international and local car rental services, leaving you with a lot of competition to take advantage of. If you show a little foresight and reserve your vehicle ahead of time you’ll be able to get an excellent deal for the car you want most from one of the five companies. Waiting until the last minute isn’t advisable, although if you’re showing up during the slow tourist season of the winter months then you shouldn’t have an issue making a last minute reservation. During the busy summer months a few of the companies actually require a couple days of prior notice or else they won’t serve you. My advice is to reserve both your vehicle and a GPS system at least four days prior to your arrival.
Source: Visby Airport

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