Vatican Car Rental

Vatican Basics.....

On a piece of land that is just over 100 acres, and with a population of less than 1,000, Vatican City is a city/state.  It is also considered to be the smallest, autonomous state in the world both in terms of area, and in terms of population as well.  Given the geographically challenged situation of the Vatican, you should also expect car rental options to be few and far between.

DGJ_0039 - The Obelisk
Vatican Car Rental..... generally offers multiple car rental opportunities for travelers throughout Europe.  But with choices so limited, we have partnered with only one rental car company near the Vatican.  The location of the rental car company sits about 6 blocks to the Northwest to the closest Vatican wall - and about 2 blocks to the West of Via Cipro, a busy road that runs North and South to the West of the Vatican City.

The fuel policy for rental cars near the Vatican are generally a 'full-full' policy.  This means that you will pick up your rental car with a full tank of fuel and you should return the car with a a full tank.  To re-fuel, we generally recommend an Agip station on Via Angelo Emo.  Via Angelo Emo sits just to the East of an arched bridge-way that supports an overhead train track running near, and around, the Vatican area.

Hotels Near Via Cipro.....

Just about two blocks South of the rental car pickup location is a bed and breakfast called the B&B La Roma di Camilla.  It is situated on the 4th floor of a brown, multi-storied building - situated near restaurants other little shops.  The bed and breakfast is in the centrally located and very close to the Cipro Metro.  A 'serve-yourself' breakfast is pretty good and Wi-Fi is available throughout the facility.  Prices are very reasonable - especially considering the location of B&B to the rest of the area.

Vatican Bed and Breakfast

Other Vatican Car Rental Considerations.....

I suppose you could drive within the walls of the Vatican, but it's much more enjoyable to hoof it within the walls of Vatican City.  So we'd generally recommend booking your car AFTER your trip inside the Vatican or dropping your rental car off at the drop-off location before enjoying your visit within the Vatican.

Rental car prices near the Vatican are pricey.  We're not sure why, but we often recommend that folks wanting a rental car near the Vatican pick one up at a location a little further away.  Rental car prices range close to twice as much as similar cars picked up at a different downtown Rome location.

Rental car types range from the economy car (which you would certainly expect for a European rental car) to larger vehicles, such as SUV's or minivans.  Simply use our booking engine above to determine exactly what's available for you.

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