Umea Airport Car Rental

Umea Airport Background…

The first flight from the airport took place in 1961, although the airport wasn’t officially inaugurated until 1962. It’s led a fairly quiet existence since then as it became the seventh largest airport in Sweden. The passenger numbers for the airport have increased steadily over the decades, as has the airport itself through numerous expansions, additions and renovations. The most recent expansion took place in 2008 when the airport’s terminal was completely rebuilt and renovated.

The airport serves just under a million passengers, made up mostly of domestic travelers. The airport does allow international travel but doesn’t offer any regularly scheduled international flights. In 2011, only sixty-five thousand passengers stepped off of international planes. The airport services more than seventy-five hundred passenger landings through the use of a single seventy-five hundred foot runway. Five hundred airport employees work day-in and day-out to keep the airport and all its facets running at one hundred and ten percent every day of the year.

Umeå City Airport

Umea Airport Car Rentals…

There are four car rental companies located on-site at the airport. Each has its own counter in the arrivals area of the terminal. The four you’ll be able to choose from are Avis, Europcar, Hertz and Sixt. If you’re having difficulty finding the counter you want, or simply don’t have time to search, consult a nearby directory after stepping off your plane or ask a nearby employee for assistance. As usual, they are situated near the entrance/exit area of the terminal.

Vehicles are parked outside.  The airport isn’t huge, so there’s no need of a shuttle.  One thing that we’ve noticed about Swedish car rental lots is that they’re often parked further away from the airport than in many countries.  This airport is no exception.  You will find that the rental cars are indeed in front of the terminal but on the other side of the closest lots.  Walk about 100 meters from the terminal and you’ll find your rental lots there – adorned in their company signs.  Make sure that you look the car over and take pictures of any dings that you see (do the same upon return).  This might save some confusion on the condition of the rental.

Umea Airport Directions to Umea…

The airport sits on the southern side of the river that cuts through Umea. Getting to the center of Umea is a quick ten minute affair, but if you’re just looking for the closest district to the airport then Carlshem is the destination for you. Simply follow Flygplatsvagen (which cuts in front of the terminal) out of the airport until you reach the roundabout just outside and take the second exit onto Kolbacksvagen. You’ll follow the road over two bridges before making it to the outskirts of the district. Take the first exit onto Porfyvagen at the first roundabout you come across after crossing the river and you’ll find yourself in the center of Carlshem.

The major difference between heading to Carlshem and the center of Umea is that at the first roundabout you’ll need to take the third exit onto Bla vagen instead of the second exit. After about four and a half kilometers, which will end once you cross the river, you’ll need to turn right onto Storgatan and then quickly turn left onto Vastra Radhusgatan. Once you make the left turn you’ll find yourself in the center of the city.  Notice on both roundabouts signs planted directing you to “centrum” – meaning the city center of Umea.

Umea Airport Car Rental Return…

Unfortunately there are no gas stations anywhere near the airport, the closest you’ll find are still about seven minutes away from the airport. Luckily most cars can drive then distance and still have a full tank of gas leftover. You can take the same directions from Downtown Umea back to the airport and refuel at the OKQ8 you find soon after crossing the river, but there is a more direct route. Instead, take a left onto Norra Obbolavagen at the first major intersection you come to once you cross the river. You’ll find an OKQ8 on your right soon after making the turn and should refuel since it is the last gas station before you reach the airport in a straight shot down the road. Those staying in Carlshem will need to cross their fingers and head away from the airport to find a gas station before returning.

Umeå Flygplats feb 2004

Other Car Rental Options at Umea Airport…

There are plenty of options to choose from, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a car you like. However, with only four rental companies the airport does tend to have a difficult time accommodating everyone. If there is a specific vehicle you have in mind then you’ll need to reserve it as far ahead of time as possible to ensure you get the car you want. Reserve far enough ahead and the company may even be able to grab the vehicle from one of their other locations before your arrival.
Source: Umea Airport

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