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Friuli Venezia Giulia (Trieste) Airport Basics.....

Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport (TRS) is also called the Trieste Airport and is the principle airport for Trieste and the surrounding areas. It has been built and upgraded to handle around 1 million people for all aircraft to Trieste and is also the gateway to Croatia and Slovenia.

Trieste is a seaport located in northeastern Italy. It lies between the border of Slovenia and the Adriatic sea. Because of its location, it has been the crossroad for Austro-Hungarian, Latin, Slavic as well as Germanic cultures.  In the modern day, Trieste has a very strong economy because of its shipping, shipbuilding as well as financial services.

Some of the major points of interest when visiting Trieste are the Miramar Castle, Piazza Unità d'Italia, the seafront,  Trieste City Hall, and the stock exchange of the old city.  Also the Roman theater which lies near San Giusto hill that faces the sea.  The theater is made mostly of stone with the upper part of the amphitheater stage and steps made mostly of wood.  A rental car trip to the theater might be worth your while. (See Picture Below)
There is the Grotto Gigante which is a huge cave visited by tourists every year. The cave is so big that it can hold Saint Peter's in Rome. Trieste airport is also the door to the “four country region” which is a very popular place to discover Europe. Visitors have access the mountains, vineyards, beaches and awesome cliffs in a 150 km area.
 Roman Theater

Car Rental and Directions to Trieste.....

You'll be able to find all the major rental companies for your convenience.  Each company office location is situated at the arrivals hall near the baggage claim area - across from the airport Post Office.  The rental car companies include Avis,

Europcar, Hertz, Maggiore and Sixt.  Each car rental compay will make an excellent choice for your driving experience throughout Italy.

If driving your rental car to Trieste, you will want to head out on Via Aquileia. At the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit onto SS14 and follow this road for 1.9 km.  Your going to enter another traffic circle and this time you want to take the 2nd exit on the A4 ramp to Autostrada.  This is a partial toll road so be prepared. You're also going to see a building that has a big Bennet sign on the front and you'll see an LED directional sign also.  Follow the road along and it will fork. You want to go to the right going towards Trieste.  Follow the sign for Trieste and merge onto A4. This is also a partial toll road. Your going to get on A4 and drive for 13.4 km.
A4 turns into  E70 and you'll keep going for another 2.4 km.  The highway then turns into SS202 , but it's still E70 and you'll want to keep driving for another 8.6 km.  Keep driving your rental vehicle on E70 for another 2.2 km until it's time to take the Prosecco exit.  Turn right taking Prosecco toward Trieste Centro and follow the exit around and merge onto SP1. Take the ramp and turn right onto Opicina/Trieste Centro/Dogana/Venezia. Signs will be plainly marked so look for them. Keep turning right at the fork and follow the Trieste Centro signs merging onto Località Devincina/SP35.  Follow this for 4 km.

You'll come to at a traffic circle and you will want to take the 1st exit onto Via Nazionale/SS58 heading to Trieste Centro. You're going to be on this road for 1.3 km. Make a very sharp right on Via Commerciale. This can be easily missed so you'll want to be be looking for some houses with red Terra cotta roofs. When you see these, you know that the exit is near. The right turn will actually be a U-turn. Follow this road around for 2.4 km.

When you get to Via Ovidio, make a slight left and you'll be going up this road. At the top of the road turn your rental car left to stay on Via Ovidio. You'll have to turn and it will be a very small road. Via Ovidio turns into Via di Romagna and a little farther ahead you want to turn right to stay on Via di Romagna. You'll be driving through beautiful country side with vineyards all around and houses.    
You'll be following the road around as it turns to the left staying on Via di Romagna  Be ready to make a sharp left toward Via Fabio Severo.Again this is more of a U-turn as it will change directions 180 degrees.  Go down the hill and at the bottom make a right on Via Fabio Severo. This is a 3 lane one way street. Follow this along and turn left onto Via Marco Tullio Cicerone another one way street. This will take you and your rental car into the center of town to enjoy all the historic sites and landmarks of Trieste.    

To get back the same way you came and because of the one way streets. Take Via Del Coroneo which is a one way and make a left on  Via Papininiano. Go straight up this street and it will take you back to Via Fabio Severo. Make another left onto Via Fabio Severo and drive until you make a right on Via di Romagna. At this point just reverse the directions back the other way.

There is a gas fueling station on the right hand side on A4 about 15 km before turning back into the airport facility area.  When you pass the Sistiana turnoff (don't take the Sistiana exit), the fueling station will be on the right hand side.
Ss202 dir trieste

Amenities at the Airport

Other than rental cars, the airport includes Duty Free shops, and a bank at the arrival area as well as a restaurant and a bar for your convenience in the departure section of the airport.

Hotels Near the Trieste Airport.....

Laguna Palace Hotel Grado
The Laguna Palace Hotel faces a lagoon situated between Trieste and Venice. It has many panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea. It has a restaurant, fitness center and a swimming pool. The rooms are spacious with satellite TV. It also has a spa to enjoy many beauty treatments and massage. Rooms start at 70 euros.

Hotel Miramare
The Hotel Miramare has a great location and is situated above the coast to offer guests breathtaking panoramic views of the sea. The rooms are modern in every respect and you'll feel right at home. All rooms come with balconies and large windows to capture the view of the Adriatic Sea.  For entertainment large LCD TV's and Satellite is standard.

The hotel restaurant aligns itself with the atmosphere offering great food with elegance. They serve a variety of seafood specialties as well as showcase the local wines.  With free parking and in very close proximity to Miramare Castle (see Picture Below) it's a great location to stay. Rates start at 90 euros.

Hotel Il Guscio

The hotel is very conveniently located to the beach. Rooms are air conditioned and have large balconies. It's a really great property having a park on the premises.  The hotels patio and terrace make it a great location for a daily buffet breakfast and a bar where you can enjoy a drink indoors or outdoors with friends.

There are many activities to enjoy for the more active like sailing, windsurfing and even nearby golf. When you want to relax, a thermal spa awaits. Room rates start at 80 euros.
Castle Miramare

Car Rental Types Available at the Trieste Airport.....

Most cars that are rented are the smaller versions - this is especially true in Italy.  Smaller, thinner lanes and higher fuel prices make the small economy cars a perfect choice.  Diesels are also generally preferred over gasoline engines, making the trip a little cheaper as well.  But, for the renter who likes something a little bigger, SUV's, minivans and luxury cars are also available for hire at the Trieste Airport.  Don't forget the GPS when booking your car.  I don't think I've ever met anyone yet who regretted renting a GPS.  Anyway, thanks for shopping with Eurocar Rental and we hope you enjoy your car rental experience at the Trieste Airport!
Source: Trieste Airport Homepage

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