Strasbourg Airport Car Rental

Strasbourg Airport Basics.....

The Strasbourg Airport sits approximately 20 minutes, via rental car, to the city center of Strasbourg.  The airport serves far more domestic passengers than international (about 4 to 1), and serves over one million passengers per year, all told.
Strasbourg-Enzheim Aéroport

Strasbourg Airport Car Rental.....

A total of five car rental companies operate at the Strasbourg Airport, and each has a desk located in the arrivals area, near the baggage carousels.  After speaking with your car rental agent, you will exit, look slightly to your left in front of the terminal and you should notice all of the car rental signs in the parking area.  The total walk from the terminal to the car rental parking are is less than 100 meters.

If traveling to Strasbourg, simply exit the parking area and at the first 'Y', veer right.  Veer left at the next 'Y' (watch for signs directing you to Toutes Directiones - meaning 'all directions'.  Drive for a little over 1 km until you exit right onto D400 towards Strasbourg and Entzheim.  Drive about 3.5 km and then take the exit onto A35 towards Strasbourg.  Notice as you watch signage at this exit that it will actually be the second exit.  The first exit will actually send you Westward towards Saint-Die Colmar and Molsheim.  The second exit will lead you to Strasbourg.  Travel about 11 km into the city center of Strasbourg.

To get back to the airport, simply reverse the above directions back to the airport.  Signs will be clearly marked as you return your car back to the airport.  Before returning the car to the airport, however, you should probably re-fuel your rental vehicle - if you want to save a little money on petrol.  There is a Shell Station about 8-10 km from the airport, on A35-E25.  There is a Shell Station sign about 1 km before the actual station itself.  The sign will have the Shell Logo on it, and the fuel prices for the day as well.

Hotels / Restaurants Near the Strasbourg Airport.....

As far as we know, there aren't any hotels within a 1-mile radius of the Strasbourg Airport.  In fact, one must drive a few km's out to finally find a hotel worth staying in.  Therefore, we generally recommend that you travel into Strasbourg to stay the night - especially if you're looking for a decent choice for a good night's stay.  So we found what we think is a good choice, based on the hotel quality, the room cost, and the proximity of the hotel to the above car rental route into the city.  And, that hotel is the Comfort Hotel Stasbourge Ouest.  To get there, simply take the N4/E52 exit Montagne-Verte or Elsau.  Drive about 1 km, cross the little river, and take a right onto Rue de la Coudreuse.  There is a little Comfort Hotel sign at turn.  The white, multi-storied hotel sits at the end of the cul-d-sac.

The rooms are clean, tidy, and smallish -  and the staff seem very friendly - and occasionally, the deals ran by the management can be dirt cheap.  Occasionally, you can pick up a room for less than 50 EUR, especially on weekends.  The Montagne Verte Restaurant that sits on the premises is, by all accounts, very tasty.  The buffet breakfast is especially good.  There is a tram-stop within a few minutes of walking, if you don't want to drive your rental car downtown.  If you have any questions about the area, make sure and ask one of the receptionists - as they always do a great job of helping tourists understand the Strasbourg area.
Strasbourg Comfort Hotel Breakfast


Rental Car Types at the Strasbourg Airport.....

Various car rental types exist at the Strasbourg Airport.  From Mini's to large SUV's, there should be something here that satisfies even the most choosy renter.  Station wagons and 7-passenger minivans and 9-passenger minivans are also available for hire.

There are a couple of other Strasbourg locations that offer rental car services as well.  The Strasbourg Train Station has a couple of car rental companies represented, and prices are comparable to the airport location.  These companies include Europcar, Avis, Sixt and a couple of others as well.  We'll make sure that you get the best price among all available car rental companies at both the Strasbourg Airport and downtown locations.

Finally, we want to thank you so much for visiting our site.  Feel free to check out all of our European car rental locations, to help you along your way!
Source: Strasbourg Airport Homepage

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