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Spokane International Airport Background…

The area was first known as Sunset Field before it was purchased by the War Department in 1941. They changed the name to Geiger Field in honor of an Army pilot by the name of Harold Geiger who died in 1927. Throughout the war it was used as a training facility and aircraft maintenance/supply depot. Shortly before the war officially ended, in 1945, the airfield was dismantled and handed to the City of Spokane. A year later the airport’s name was changed to Spokane Municipal Airport and commercial flights began anew.

In 1960 the “Municipal” was dropped in favor of “International” when the first regular international flights began to run from the airport. The terminal currently in use was built five years later. Since then the airport has seen numerous expansions and now serves just over three million passengers per year. It is the second largest airport in the State of Washington.

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Spokane International Airport Car Rentals…

There are eight car rental agencies that operate out of Spokane International; Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, National, Thrifty, Hertz, and Enterprise. The counters can be located near the Baggage Claim area and all vehicles are picked up on airport grounds.  In fact, from the front of the terminal, the car rental area is located adjacent to the parking lot (just to the right as you walk out of the front of the terminal).  If you’re having a hard time locating the counters, just consult one of the airport directories or ask a nearby employee for directions.

Spokane Airport to Spokane Directions…

Speaking of directions, once you have your vehicle you’ll either want to head towards downtown Spokane or Seattle; we’ll cover the closer destination first. Leave the airport via W Airport Dr, the only way out, and keep right onto Highway 2. The highway will dead-end into a fork onto I-90, you’ll want to head left onto I-90 East. There are a number of different exits you can take, but I’d recommend using either the S Maple Street exit or the S Monroe Street exit. Either way, you’ve arrive at your destination.

To get to Seattle, which is quite a ways away, you’ll want to follow the same directions to I-90 but turn right onto I-90 West instead.  Follow I-90 West for a few hours and over a bridge or two until it ends into 5th Ave. Congratulations, you’ve made it to downtown Seattle.

Spokane Airport Car Rental Return…

Getting your rental car back to its proper place is simply a matter of reversing the directions given above.  You will find the car rental return right behind the ground transportation pickup area – an extension of the terminal itself.  Make sure that you follow the signs to get your car back to the appropriate car rental company.  The car rental are is relatively new, so you will find signage and access pretty good.

Before bringing your vehicle back, however, you will want to make sure that you’re refueled.  Refueling can be a bit tricky and largely depends on where you’re coming from. If you’re coming from I-90, just south of the airport, then you’ll want to take the W Medical Lake Road exit and refuel at the Exxon, Mobil, or Shell. You’ll be able to find all three quite easily after getting off the interstate. If you’re coming through the downtown area of Spokane via the northern end of I-90, then you’ll want to take one of the exits that leads to the heart of Spokane and refuel at one of the many gas stations that litter the streets around there. If you don’t, then when you get off of I-90 you’ll want to drive past the airport on Highway 2 and turn slightly left onto W Sunset Highway. A couple of miles down the highway you will run into an Exxon and a few locally owned gas stations you can choose from.

Spokane Airport Map
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Other Airport Amenities…

Despite the amount of traffic Spokane sees, it is actually quite smaller than most international airports. However, the airport is currently undergoing a thirty year master plan to renovate and expand, meaning that everything is changing at a very rapid pace. What is in the airport today may not be in the airport tomorrow. One thing is for certain though; you should be able to find a Starbucks somewhere, even if it is in a little cubby-hole area near the bathrooms. So don’t panic.

Other Car Rental options at Spokane International Airport…

Your car rental options are a bit limited because most people make use of the major Washington airport found around the capital, Seattle, instead of Spokane. However, the airport still sees more than enough passengers for all the car rental companies to stay busy with. If you want to ensure that the rental car you want will be waiting for you, then you’ll have to make a reservation as quickly as possible. Otherwise you’ll be stuck playing the fun little game of car rental roulette.

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