Split Airport Car Rental

Split Airport Background…

Split Airport originally opened in 1966 with a large enough facility to serve one hundred and fifty thousand passengers a year. By 1968 the airport had already begun serving more than planned at just over one hundred and fifty thousand. By 1969, that number jumped to over two hundred thousand. The rate of growth for the airport was unbelievable, causing it to constantly be under expansion plans. By 1987 the airport was serving more than one million passengers each year.

Unfortunately, that number dropped to zero four years later when war broke out in the region. The airport turned into a military base for UN and NATO forces until everything settled and the airport began offering civilian flights again in 1995. The airport was back to serving well over a million passengers by 2007 and has continued to grow steadily during recent years, serving just under one and a half million passengers in 2011. It is the third busiest airport in the country.

Split Airport terminal

Split Airport Car Rentals…

There are sixteen car rental agencies that offer their services to the passengers of Split Airport. You can find the on-site counters scattered throughout the airport by simply consulting one of the airport’s directories or employees for assistance. You’ll be able to choose from Hertz, Sixt, Active, Fleet, Oryx, City Car, Leko, Mara, Nova Gratia, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Thrifty, Europcar, Alamo, and Last Minute.

After you’ve spoken to a counter’s representative and signed a rental agreement you’ll be handed the keys to your rental and directed to its designated parking spot among the airport’s rental lots that sit just outside the terminal. As of this writing, the rental cars were parked to the East of the terminal.  When you walk out of the airport terminal, turn to your left and the rental car lot will be by itself.  Remember that airports rotate parking lots quite often to maximize space – kinda like re-arranging the furniture in your living room

Directions from the Split Airport to the Downtown Area…

The official beginning of the city is considered to be in 305 AD when Diocletian’s Palace was built in the area. However, evidence has shown that the land was originally settled by a Greek colony back in the 6th century BC. Regardless, it is one of the oldest cities in Croatia and offers dozens of attractions that cause tourists from all over the world to flock to Split on a yearly basis.

If you were to take a boat directly west from the city and cross the Adriatic Sea you’d end up landing close to Split Airport. The outskirts of the city stretch all the way along the coast to the airport. It takes about half an hour to drive from the airport to the main portion of the city. You’ll start your journey by exiting the airport via one of the tow entrances/ exits and turning right onto Ul. Franje Tudmana. Follow the road around for about two kilometers until it ends, then turn sharply to the right onto Ul. Kneza Trpimira. About a kilometer later you’ll come to a four-way intersection and should turn right onto Jadranska magistraia, which is also known as highway D8. After almost twenty kilometers you’ll need to exit the highway via the Luka Trajekt exit and turn right onto Poljcka cesta. Three and a half kilometers later you’ll be in the heart of the city.

Split Airport Car Rental Return…

There are gas stations lined all along the highway and just off the highway, leaving you with plenty of refuel options. You can either drive back along the city roads and refuel before exiting the westernmost part of the city by the airport, or by heading back along D8 and refueling at the Petrol station you’ll see just after leaving the city behind. One of the best options is a Red and Blue Petrol Station (that seems to be the name of it ‘Petrol Station’) on the left-hand side of the road traveling back via Route 8.

Split Airport terminal interior

Other Car Rental Options at Split Airport…

Just about every car you could possibly ask for is available between the sixteen rental companies at the airport. If you want something specific, be sure to reserve it about two to three days ahead of time or else one of the other million plus passengers may end up renting it by the time you land. Most of the large cities in Croatia are elaborate mazes that are incredibly easy to get lost in; so I highly suggest grabbing a GPS system along with your rental.   
Source: Split Airport

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