Skelleftea Airport Car Rental

Skelleftea Airport Background…

Skelleftea Airport is one of those future seeking airports that doesn’t dwell on the past, which is pretty reasonable seeing as how the airport was just acquired by the local government in 2010. The airport’s main goal is to serve the people living nearby and to give tourists a manner of travel to the region in order to stimulate the touristic economy in northern Sweden. It’s considered the fifth largest airport in northern Sweden and the fourteenth largest in the entire county.

The airport serves just over two hundred thousand passengers each year and is expect to see a major boost by the end of 2012 that jumps its overall passenger numbers to just under two hundred and fifty thousand. The airport does accommodate small international flights but none of them are regularly scheduled. International tourists only make up about ten thousand of the overall number of passengers. The airport’s planes take off and land from a single sixty-eight hundred foot runway that accommodates a bit more than thirty-two hundred landings each year.

Skelleftea airport

Skelleftea Airport Car Rentals…

The passengers of Skelleftea Airport are serviced each and every day from the first arrival to the last arrival by the three major rental companies you’ll find throughout the airports in Sweden. Those three companies are, for those unfamiliar with Swedish airports, Hertz, Europcar and Avis. All three have counters on-site around the arrivals area of the terminal, directions for which can be quickly located via one of the directories scattered throughout the terminal or by asking a nearby employee for assistance.

Once you’ve signed all the required paperwork you’ll be handed the keys to your vehicle and directed to its marked location in the rental lot just outside the terminal. As you walk out of the front of the terminal, you will walk straight (right past the little red luggage stroller shed) to the rental car parking lot.  The lot is situated about 75 meters from the front of the terminal.  Check the car over for a full tank, ensure it doesn’t have any scratches, and you’ll be ready to drive off into the beautiful northern Swedish countryside.

Sign at the Exit of the Airport

Source: Google Street View

Skelleftea Airport Directions to Skelleftea…

The trip from the airport to the center of Skelleftea is long and arduous journey. Okay, I lied; it’s really just a brisk twenty minute drive north. You’ll have ample time to view and enjoy the beautiful, and most likely white, countryside Sweden is famous for before making your way into the major city in the immediate area. There are plenty of other smaller towns scattered about, but since Skelleftea serves as a central point to them all we’ll stick with it.

You’ll start your journey by exiting the airport via the only road there is (see sign above directing you to the town of Skelleftea), which isn’t named and turning right onto another unnamed stretch of road. Follow road no-name, which is presumably part of Route 364, for a bit more than seven kilometers until it ends into Route 364. Turn right onto the road and follow Route 364 for about eight kilometers until your each the first of two roundabouts. You’ll want to take the third exit at both, the first will lead you onto E4 and the second will lead you onto Skramtraskvagen. Then you’ll have to make a series of quick turns consisting of a right onto Forskargatan, a left onto Bockholmsvagen, and finally a right onto Brogatan. After following Brogatan across the river that cuts through the city and through two name changes, you’ll find yourself in the center of the city on a road named Stationsgatan. 

Skelleftea Airport Car Rental Return…

While this is the most concise route to the center of the city, it is also the best and practically only way back that will take you past any gas stations on your way back to the airport. There are two stations, both of which are OKQ8s and sit between the two roundabouts that are connected via a small stretch of E4. I highly suggest taking the same directions back or at least equipping yourself with a GPS to hopefully find the more obscure gas stations with.

Other Car Rental Options at Skelleftea Airport…

All three rental companies offer GPS services and between the three you’re sure to find the type of vehicle you desire. Make and model is another story entirely though. If you want something specific then be sure to call ahead at least forty-eight hours prior to your arrival and make your reservation. Otherwise you’ll probably end up with your third choice at best.
Source: Skelleftea Airport

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