Singapore Airport Car Rental

Changi Airport Background.....

Singapore Changi Airport, popularly called as Changi Airport, is the main airport in the bustling country, Singapore. It was constructed in year 1981 and has been in the going strong ever since. A fantastic research work has revealed, it's not just a recipient of awards and accolades, but, in fact, a real favorite of the people. It's operated by the Changi Airport Group and has won over 360 awards, to date.

This is one airport where, customers are given priority and ensured they're given ultimate comfort. Though ranked among the busiest airports in Asia, the administration has kept the airport upbeat by constantly revamping and upgrading facilities, to accommodate the rising population with ease. It has three terminals and two runways, with the third runway, currently under construction. It's among the busiest airports around the world and one place, everyone visiting Singapore would like to visit.

Changi Airport Car Rental.....

Of those three terminals mentioned above, car rental companies occupy all of them.  There is an Avis Car rental in every terminal.  In terminal two and three, there is a Hertz Car Rental company as well.  The agency counters are situated in the arrival halls of each terminal.  As of this writing, there were no other car rental companies than those listed.

Also, the car rental counter hours are from 7.00am to 11.00pm.

Other Airport Amenities.....

Tired after the long journey, and like to gulp down one of your favorites before you proceed further? Irrespective of what you would like to have, or the time you arrive, the type of food you are looking at, Changi has it all. There is a range of choices like Cafe Ritazza, Coffee Club, regular favorites like KFC, McDonald's, Subway, Burger King, Wang Cafe, etc. Ranging from a mug of hot coffee, to a full-fledged meal, just about anything is available round-the-clock. The only downside in taking a grub at the airport is the hyped price.


 Hanged Dry

Like to take relax, take a nap after a tired journey, or re-freshen up? No wonder why Changi tops the charts, they have lounges for anything you can think about. One of the best airports in the world, how can it be without a comfortable space to sleep? There's a space at all three terminals, for those looking to take a quick nap between their flights, or just relax before they head further. There are gardens at all three terminals, where you can choose to relax yourself. Then there are paid lounges that include a range of spas and salons, for making you lively and ready for meeting people. There is swimming pool, music bars and even a place to take a shower, before heading out.

Enrouting Changi along the route? Waiting for your connecting flight here? When there's more time, why not take two hours, quick sightseeing around Singapore? Yes, it's free!

There is a range of shopping options, where you can buy stuff. Also, there are gift outlets where you can buy a chunk of Singapore and gift as a Souvenir when meeting people, or back home. Bengawan Solo and Bee Cheng Hiang are excellent when you want to try Singapore menu. Orchids from TOP Orchids, Tiger Beer from Tiger Signature Lounge, Animal Soft Toy from Singapore Zoo, Night Safari & Jurong Bird Park, are excellent as Souvenirs.

That's not all. There is a range of other services that include baby Care Room, Medical Services, Money Changers, Prayer Room and facilities that are exclusive developed for physically challenged. What is fun, if you can tweet, or post to your wall and keep your friends updated, when at Changi? How can business people, do without connectivity and how can an airport help with it? There are both free and paid options, when it comes to Wi-fi connectivity. With hotspots around the airport, depending on your needs, you can choose to use free, or paid connectivity.


Singapore Airport Loves You


There's an array of games and fun activities for kids (mini-golf anyone?  See pic below). Changi Aviation Gallery, Changi Children’s Playground, Entertainment Deck, Movie Theater and Zone X to name a few.


F1 @ Changi Airport

Car Rental Driving Distances from Changi.....

For such a small country (geographically at least) here are a plethora of things to do in Singapore.  We have put together some of those things.  We have also coupled those things with some driving distances to help you on your journey.  Here are a few of those attractions.  All distances are from the Changi Airport in Singapore.

Bath Culture Foot Therapy, 21 km.
Cookery Magic, 12 km.
Singapore Botanical Gardens, 27 km.
Singapore Zoo, 32 km.
National Orchid Garden, 25 km.
Singapore Flyer, 18 km.
Buddha Tooth Relic, 22 km.
Chinatown, 18 km.
Arab Street, 19 km.

Each of these listings above are estimates only, and actual driving distance will largely depend on the roads that you take to get to your eventual destination.  We almost always recommend a GPS to get exact car rental distances.

Types of Rental Cars Available From the Changi Airport.....

The same cars available for rent at larger airports will generally be available from the Changi as well.  SUV's, Minivans, Luxury (Mercedes usually), Standard Cars, and Economy Cars are generally available to customers - especially to those customers who rent early.

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