Sibiu Airport Car Rental

Sibiu Airport Background…

Flights first started taking off and landing at Sibiu Airport in 1943. At that time the runway was little more than a grass field with boundaries. The airport existed and grew with little more than a small building and grass airfield until its first true terminal building in 1959 complete with multiple floors, a control tower and a waiting room. In 1970, the airport completed construction on its two thousand meter concrete runway complete with lighting operations that made night flights a possibility.

In 1992 it received international status and began offering flights to and from Munich and Stuttgart. From 2006 to 2008 the airport underwent a seventy-seven million Euro modernization and renovation program that saw to the creation of a brand new terminal building and extension of the runway. Soon after its completion, the airport saw results for its work. The number of annual passengers surged by thirty-four percent in 2009 when compared to 2008 and the airport has continued to grow at a remarkable rate ever since.


Sibiu Airport Car Rentals…

There are three internationally renowned car rental companies that offer their services to the passengers of Sibiu Airport from the time the first flight arrivals to the last arrival of everyday. The three you’ll be able to choose from include Avis, Europcar and Thrifty. All three counters are on-site and locatable by checking out one of the airport’s directories or asking a nearby employee for assistance.

After you’ve signed the rental agreement paperwork at the counter you’ll be handed the keys to your vehicle and directed to its location in the nearby rental lot. At last check the cars were parked in the closest lot to the terminal.  As you may know however, things change, so be sure and ask your agent ot the exact location of your rental.  Also inquire as to the exact return area as well. Remember to check your vehicle over for dents and full tank of gas, provided your rental agreement included a full-full fuel policy, and you’ll be ready to enjoy your Romanian vacation.

Sibiu Airport Directions to Downtown…

Sibiu is one of the most historically rich cities in Romania, having once been the capital city of the Principality of Transylvania during the seventeenth century. It was designated a European Capital of Culture in 2007 and listed b y Forbes as “Europe’s 8th most idyllic place to live”. Sibiu is fantastic for people looking for a nice historical vacation or school trip.

The airport is located along the southwestern edge of the city. You’ll start your journey toward the center of the city by turning right out of the airport onto highway E60 and following it for a little more than three kilometers until you reach Strada Maramuresulul. Turn right and then take the first left you come to. At the roundabout half a kilometer down the road you’ll want to take the second exit onto Strada Transilvaniel. When road changes its name to Strada Rennes you’ve made it to the heart of the city.

Sibiu Airport Car Rental Return…

When traveling to and from the airport through the city you’ll be traveling along a busy highway with plenty of gas station choices to choose from. I won’t list them all, that would be rather dull and tedious, but the last three chances you’ll have before making it back to the airport are Lukoil, Petroil S.R.L., and Ana Oil. Ana Oil would be our choice as it’s on the right hand side of the road traveling back to the airport.  It is located less than 1 km from the airport and is about as convenient as it gets. 

Ana Oil Gas Station Near the Sibiu Airport
Courtesy of Google Street View

Hotel Near the Sibiu Airport...

The station is attached to the Ana Hotel (sitting right behind the gas station) and would make a pretty good place to stay if you’re looking for something conveniently located to the airport. This is not a 4-star American hotel, but as long as you’re expectations aren’t such, you might actually enjoy your stay.  The restaurant is reportedly pretty good – especially the breakfast.  So you can kill two birds with one stone here – get a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast to boot.

Ana Hotel

Other Car Rental Options at Sibiu Airport…

Your options are pretty vast, meaning you’ll be able to find any type of vehicle you want. If you’re looking for a specific make and model though you’ll have to reserve your vehicle as far ahead of time as possible to ensure you get what you want. In some cases you may even be able to have the airport equipped with the vehicle in question if none of the companies offer it, but you’ll need to reserve very far in advance for such treatment.

The city can be quite confusing to navigate. Luckily, all three companies offer their own GPS systems for just a little bit more money each day. That little bit extra will more than pay for itself over the duration of your vacation. I highly suggest reserving a GPS system with your vehicle as soon as possible.
Source: Sibiu Aiport

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