Shannon Airport Car Rental

Shannon Airport Basics...

The Shannon Airport in Dublin is a very nice airport located on the western coast of Ireland, about 20 to 25 km's north of Limerick and about 20 km's south of the Ennis Town.  Total passengers served by the Shannon Airport in 2009 was almost 3 million.


Shannon Airport Car Rental...

Renting a car at the Shannon Airport in Dublin is not difficult.  Of course, we recommend pre-booking your rental car with us.  Rental car companies with desks set up at the airport include: Budget Rent-A-Car, Dooley Car Rentals, Europcar, Hertz, and Sixt/Murrays.  Each of these companies are professional and capable.

Location of Rental Cars at the Shannon Airport...

Once you exit out of the front of the terminal, you will turn slightly to your left, and walk past the immediate parking lot that sits in front of the terminal.  Continue walking about 1 minute until you get to the car rental parking area.  Car rental company signs and buildings will be scattered throughout.  Simply locate the pre-booked car rental company of your choice (and the corresponding car parking space) and you will be good to go.  Take a couple of pictures of the rental (especially of any dings and scratches) and you may be glad you did when you return the car.


Car Rental Park, Shannon Airport - - 1610253

Directions to Limerick from the Shannon Airport...

Many folks landing into the Shannon Airport eventually make their way to Limerick, the closest city to the airport.  If this is your ultimate destination, you should know that it takes about 25 minutes to reach Limerick.  Travel East out of the airport until you get to the traffic circle, then take the exit towards N19.  Drive for about 4 km until you see overhead green signs directing you to get on N18.  Drive for about 19 km on N18 all the way into the Limerick area.  Once you get to the edge of Limerick, watch for signs for your ultimate Limerick destination.

Shannon Airport Car Rental Return...

When returning your rental, simply use the directions above and reverse them.  The airport is very easy to get in and out of, so you shouldn't have a problem.

There aren't any petrol stations right at the airport - as far as we know.  In fact, some of the closer ones are probably to be found just outside of teh city of Limerick.  On the edge of town (traveling back to teh airport on Ennis Road is a Topaz Station that would make a great choice of re-fueling.  It's on the opposite side of the road, but is easy to get in and out of.  After re-fueling, simply get back on Ennis road towards the airport.


Topaz Station Coming out of Limerick Towards the Airport


 Courtesy of Google Street View


Shannon Airport Amenities...

The airport offers many other services and amenities besides car rental.  Included are some pretty good shopping offerings.  The Loop, Londis Shop, and Glen Aran Irish Markets are a few.  Each offer merchandise to would be passengers anything from essential travel accessories to luxury items, including jewelry.

Restaurants like the Marsh Point Bar, which overlooks the check-in area, and the Sheridan Food Pub in the departures lounge offer a nice place to relax and enjoy a cold beverage or a hot meal for hungry passengers.

The airport also offers internet access, a chapel and a VAT refunding agency within the airport.  There are currently two VAT refunding areas within the departures area at the airport.

Types of Rentals at the Shannon Airport...


Types of vehicles available at the Shannon airport include Economy, Compact, Standard, SUV's, Minivans or Vans, and Luxury or Premium cars such as a Mercedes E Class for a more comfortable ride.  One thing to remember with cars rented out of the Shannon Airport (and many other European areas for that matter) is that the normal transmission rental is manual.  This is the opposite of most American rentals, which generally rent out automatic transmissions.  Manual transmission rental cars are normally a little cheaper and provide a little better fuel mileage, all things considered.

So, if you're scheduled to be leaving out of the Shannon Airport any time soon, use our easy booking engine to get the best deal available from the rental companies available at the facility.

Source: Shannon Airport

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