Sept Iles Airport Car Rental

Sept-Iles Airport Background…

The City of Sept-Iles started as little more than a small village in 1885 and has slowly grown into the seaside city it is today. Being beside the sea, the city’s main source of transportation has always been its port. At one point in time, the Sept-Iles port was the second largest in Canada. Due to this watery importance, the first aircraft in the area were seaplanes. While the port still makes up the majority of all cargo and passenger transportation to and from the city, the airport has brought a great deal of relief and quick paced transportation to the area.

Unfortunately, not much could be found concerning the airport’s beginnings, but it isn’t much of a stretch to assume it was created at the beginning of World War II under the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. Air traffic was carried out by seaplanes before the airport was constructed, leaving airport construction pretty low on the city’s list of priorities. Today, the airport mainly serves passengers to and from Quebec and Labrador.

Sept-Iles Airport

Sept-Iles Airport Car Rentals…

There are two car rental companies that battle for passengers on-site at the airport, Budget and National. Both are conveniently located within the terminal and share the rental lot within comfortable walking distance of the terminal so that all rental customers won’t have to travel far for their vehicles. Once you’ve signed all the necessary rental agreements you’ll be handed your keys and directed to the parking lot space number in the rental lot where your car is located. Remember to check it over for dings, dents and a full tank of gas before putting the key in the ignition and driving the car out of the airport.

Once you are ready to drive out of the airport you’re going to want to leave via two of the two exits that the airport offers. Both exits lead out to Boulevard Laure, onto which you’ll need to take a right. About eight and a half kilometers down the road you’ll reach where Boulevard Laure intersects with Rue Monseigneur Blanche. Turn left at the intersection and drive a little more than a kilometer until you can turn right onto Avenue Arnaud and you’ll find yourself in the middle of the city.

Sept Iles Airport Car Rental Return...

There are no gas stations anywhere near the airport or along Boulevard Laure on your way to or from the airport. To refuel you’re going to have to find one of the airports within the city and then make the fifteen minute journey back to the airport, hoping the gas tank meter doesn’t dip below ‘F’. Both companies at the airport are usually understanding and will either simply charge you the small cost of however much gas it takes to refill what is missing or nothing at all. Most of the gas stations are located along Boulevard Laure, but further in the city. Simply ignore the turn onto Rue Monseigneur Blanche and you should find a couple, including an Irving and Shell.

Sept-Iles/Lac Rapides Water Aerodrome…

Seaplanes are still used by many to travel to and from Sept-Iles. If you’re looking to fly into the city via seaplane then you should know that you won’t be arriving at the typical airport and therefore won’t have access to either of the car rental services upon landing. Also, the aerodrome can only accommodate fifteen passengers from one plane at a time. So don’t expect to travel in a large group or aircraft if you choose to go the seaplane route. Then again, the view is worth the added complications upon landing.

Other Car Rental Options at Sept-Iles Airport

Sept-Iles isn’t a big city, but it is the only one around for miles. If you’re flying to the city then you’re probably doing so because of a business trip or because you’re looking to experience a remote Canadian countryside vacation. Either way, a GPS system will prove to be an enormous time and money saver. I highly suggest grabbing one along with your rental. You can reserve one with your car for just a few dollars more a day, which will more than pay for itself by helping you avoid heavy traffic and losing your way.
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