San Sebastian Airport Car Rental

San Sebastian Basics…

The San Sebastian Airport borders the Baie de Chingoudy – right next to the little town of Hendaye.  The airport boasts overall traffic numbers of about 260,000 for the 2012 year.  Of course these numbers are down substantially – just like most Spanish airports.  Traffic counts hovered well over 450,000 in 2007; the airport has seen a steady decline since.

Most of the traffic is domestic, but there are also a lot of tourists coming and going in and out of the area.

Inside EAS - Notice Car Rental Desks in Background

San Sebastian Airport Car Rental…

Inside the terminal, you will find the usual suspects.  Avis, Enterprise, Europcar and Hertz each have rental car company desks situated not far from the baggage claim area in the arrivals area.  Once you meet with the agent, they will direct you right outside the terminal to where the rental cars are parked.  Each vehicle is in front of the terminal, protected with a multi-colored weather cover.  The rental cars signs are posted above the vehicles signifying exactly which rental car company owns which vehicle.

Once you find your rental, we always recommend that you take a couple of pictures of the rental before traveling out of the area.  You never know when the condition of the rental might come into dispute.  Take a couple of pictures upon the return of the vehicle as well.  Doing so might save some confusion later on.

San Sebastian Airport Directions to San Sebastian Area…

Once you hop in your car, you may find that the best way to get out of the airport area is to somehow hop on Gabarrari Kalea/N-638.  I say ‘somehow’ because currently, you have to take a right to get out of the area, and then double-back after circling a roundabout a couple hundred meters in the wrong direction.  Either way, once you get your car pointed southwest on Gabarrari Kalea/N-638 you’ll be fine.

Very quickly, you’ll come upon a fork in the road and you should stay right.  The road will soon turn into GI-636 and then Jaitzubia Auzoa and then you will get to a traffic circle, where you will take the 3rd exit towards Donostia / San Sebastian.  Continue on the main road for about 5 km until you get to the tunnel, which you should go thru.  But right at the end of the tunnel, you should see an overhead sign (inside the tunnel) that directs you to the San Sebastian area – choose the lane that it suggests. 

Not long thereafter you will merge onto the GI-20, the road that you should follow into the San Sebastian area.

San Sebastian Airport Car Rental Return…

Gettign back to the airport is as easy as reversing the directions above.  You’ll probably be travling back via A-8 and eventually take the Hondarribia exit towards the airport.  Once you get to the airport area, you will see a gas fueling station on the right-hand side of the road right before you  enter into the airport parking area.  You should re-fuel here ONLY IF the policy on your rental is full/full.  If your policy is empty/empty, then go past the station and deliver the car to the agent.  Make sure you check the policy as a lot of folks disregard the fuel policy and end up buying a full tank of gas for the car rental companies – free of charge.

Room in the Hotel Palacete

Hotels Near the San Sebastian Airport…

For folks who want to stay near the airport – and don’t want to break the bank, we often recommend the Hotel Palacete.  It sits on Plaza Guipuzcoa, 5, 20280 Hondarribia – which is less than 2 km’s from the airport.  It actually sits north of the airport in a little community type historic center of Hondarribia.  There are also a lot of little restaurants nearby to offset some of those food cravings.  You would be only a couple of blocks from the water here.
Source: San Sebastain Airport

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