Ronneby Airport Car Rental

Ronneby Airport Background…

Due to the plethora of towns located within one-hour’s drive of the airport, Ronneby Airport serves mainly as a regional airport for Karlskrona, Karlshamn, Solvesburg, Kalmar, Kristianstad and Vaxjo. This is mainly why the civilian/military airport is currently rated as the sixth largest airport in south Sweden and the fifteenth largest airport in the entire country.

The airport serves roughly two hundred and twenty-five thousand passengers each year. It offers international services, but only to small private aircraft. Only five thousand of its annual passenger fly in via international travel. Most of the two thousand landings that take place on the seventy-six thousand foot runway serve domestic passengers that live in the surrounding villages. The airport offers regular flights to and from Stockholm and Palanga, with seasonal flights in the summer traveling to and from Visby. The airport is kept running by one hundred and forty helpful civilian employees and continues to grow steadily year after year.

Ronneby airport

Ronneby Airport Car Rentals…

The three major international car rental companies that serve almost all of Sweden’s airports can be found at Ronneby Airport. For those unfamiliar with Swedish airports, the three you can choose from are Hertz, Avis, and Europcar. All three counters are located within the arrivals are of the terminal, which is so small that you really shouldn’t have a problem locating their services. If you are, simply ask one of the nearby employees for assistance or seek out one of the airport directories.

You’ll be handed the keys and directed to your vehicle marked location in the rental just outside once you’ve filled out all the proper paperwork. The rental cars are lined up immediately in front of the airport terminal, but at a 50 meter walk.  Simply walk right out of the front and you’ll see the cars parked against the chain-link fence near the Bredakravagen Road that runs in front of the terminal.

Ronneby Airport Distance to Local Towns…

List of the towns within one hour of the airport and their approximate distances:

Ronneby - 8 kilometres
Karlskrona - 33 kilometres
Karlshamn - 32 kilometres
Solvesborg - 59 kilometres
Kalmar - 113 kilometres
Kristianstad - 88 kilometres
Vaxjo - 81 kilometres

Ronneby Airport Directions to Ronneby…

The closest town, which is pretty obvious since it is the town the airport is named after, is the one we’ll focus on. It can serve as a central location for travel all around the region, which is a nice scenic tourist idea for those wishing to view as much of the southern Swedish countryside as possible.

Your journey to Ronneby will start by exiting the airport the only way you can and turning left onto Bredakravagen. Roughly a kilometer down the road you’ll run into a four-way roundabout where you’ll want to take the second exit onto Kockumsvagen. Continue along the road by taking the second exit at the next roundabout and finally turn right when the road ends into Ronnebyvagen. Continue straight for four kilometers, in which time the road name will change to Kallingevagen, and turn right onto Nygatan. Then you’ll make a series of turns that consist of a right onto Kunsgatan, a left onto Vastra Torggatan, and a right onto Karlskronagatan. After the last turn you’ll be in the center of Ronneby.

Ronneby Airport Car Rental Return…

Gas stations are few and far between around Ronneby, but fortunately there is one pretty close to the airport.  On Bredakravagen Street there is a Q-Star gas station right at the four-way roundabout mentioned above.  You’ll see it on your way to the city, and you will see it on the right-hand side of the road on your way back.

Gas Station Near the Ronneby Airport
Courtesy of Google Street View

Other Car Rental Options at Ronneby Airport…

All the typical options available from the international car rental companies are found within the rental lot at Ronneby Airport. However, there isn’t much in the way of quantity. If you want to ensure your vehicle will be waiting for you, you’ll have to make a reservation as quickly as possible. My suggestion is to do so at least forty-eight hours prior to your arrival.

Other than the airport, there aren’t any other rental car locations in the city that we know of.  As to the other nearby towns listed above, there is a car rental location on Gullbernavagen Road in Karlskrona, in a Toyota dealership.  Type in Karlskrona above in the booking engine and see what comes up.

Finally, we want to thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you learned a little bit about renting a car at the Ronneby Airport.
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