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Roma Termini Train Station Basics.....

The Rome Termini Train Station was built in the early 1930's and was finished in the early '50's.  The station links to the Da Vinci Airport and various other stations throughout Rome.  The City Night Line, Artesia and Le Frecca are train companies that use the station.  There are a few restaurants that operate within the station, and many other services as well.



Rome Train Station



Rome Train Station Car Rental.....

Companies such as Sixt, Avis, National, Hertz, Europcar, Maggiore, and Autonoleggio (among others) offer car rental services at, or very near, the train station.  Rental car desks are situated in the new area of the terminal, not far from the Post Office.  After you have finished talking with the car rental agent, exit left and walk until you will find your vehicle located across the street Via Giovanni Giolitti.  The cars are parked in a very obscure parking lot location.  The corner lot is on the right (walking South) and has a relatively hard-to-see sign that says "Es Parking Giolitti".  As you get closer to the car rental garage entrance, you will notice the car rental signs posted at the entrance as well.  Simply find the car in the parking garage and exit right onto Via Gionavnni Giolitti on the one-way street. 

To get to the Coliseum (usually regarded as the city center of Rome) you will take a right exit out of the above-mentioned garage onto the one-way street and drive about 400 meters, then turn right onto Via Cairoli (follow traffic to this turnoff), then turn back to the left onto Via Principe Umberto at the next block.  Drive about 200 meters again, and the road will "T" and you should veer right and follow the main road all the way to the Coliseum for the next 1.5 km.  You will see the Coliseum on your left as you drive right to it.

Getting out of the train station with your rental car is not too difficult.  Getting your vehicle back to the Rimini Train Station parking garage is a little trickier.  To get your vehicle back, you will drive your vehicle on the opposite side of the terminal - towards the back of the terminal.  About halfway down the terminal, you will turn into a tunnel, underneath the terminal, ON THE LEFT SIDE.  There will be two tunnels, sitting side by side.  Be sure and take the left tunnel and drive in the dark for about 300 meters.  After getting out of the tunnel, turn left and drive for about one block.  The parking garage will be on the right-hand side.

Hotels Near the Rimini Train Station.....

A really nice little hotel near the Rome Train Station is the Dharma hotel.  Situated at 122 Via Torino about a block or two from the front of the train station, the hotel is easily within walking distance.  The third-floor hotel offers a great breakfast and a super location for a night's stay - or even more.  Prices are very reasonable (maybe even cheap) for a hotel of this quality, this close to the train station.  We would recommend highly.



Dharma Hotel



Other Rimini (Rome) Train Station Considerations.....

Daily prices on rental cars at the train station are pretty much inline with what you'd expect to pay at Fiumicino or Ciampino - possibly a little cheaper.  All of the standard vehicles are available for hire, and some not-so-standard vehicles as well.  SUV's, 7-passenger vans, and 9-passenger vans are generally available and ready to be taken around Rome.  Premium-luxury vehicles (think Mercedes) are generally available as well.

Finally, we want to thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you learned something.  Be careful, and print these directions (especially on how to return your rental car to the garage) and you'll be fine.  Have a great time!

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