Richmond Airport Car Rental

Richmond International Airport Background…

In 1927 the area was dedicated to Richard E. Byrd, a brother of one of the former Governors of Virginia, as the Richard Evelyn Byrd Flying Field. The main terminal was designed in 1950 and expanded in 1968 with the concourses that are still in major use today. The airport is owned by the Capital Region Airport Commission, which is overseen by three nearby counties and the City of Richmond.

There have only been two accidents to ever occur at Richmond International Airport, the most recent being an engine failure in 2011 by a small private aircraft. The pilot was the only person in the plane at the time and walked away with minor burns and scratches. The airport conducts just over one hundred thousand operations and serves about three and a half million people each year. It is the busiest airport in the Central Virginia region, its busiest domestic route being Atlanta, Georgia.



Richmond International Airport Car Rentals…

There are nine car rental counters that can be found around the central entrance of the main terminal. They are the only nine car rental agencies made available by the airport and all nine have vehicles in stock on (I should say very near) the airport grounds. The companies you have to choose from include Alamo, Avis, Advantage, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, Enterprise, National, and Thrifty.  All rental agencies are situated near the escalator and by the baggage claim area.  

Vehicles are situated in a two-story rental car garage that sits adjacent to the terminal - and can be accessed via foot.  This rental car garage is generally attended from 6 am to 12 pm, but vehicles can be dropped off after hours with a key dropbox system.  Companies located on the upper floor of the garage include Budget, Dollar, Thrifty, Alamo, and National.  Those on the lower floor include Hertz, Advantage and Enterprise.  Signs are well posted, and you shouldn’t have any trouble locating your vehicle.

Richmond Airport Car Rental


Directions from the Airport to Richmond…

You’ll want to start your departure from the airport by following Richard E Byrd Terminal Dr until it merges onto S Airport Dr. Follow S Airport Dr until you make it to the I-64 on ramp and turn left onto I-64 West. I-64 will take you straight into the City Center, the heart of Richmond. You may have to turn onto I-95 when I-64 deadens and forks just before the City Center, but just take the first exit you come across and you’ll have arrived at your destination.

Virginia Beach is one of the more sought after touristic areas in Virginia. If you’re looking to get there, follow the same directions above but turn right onto I-64 East instead of going West. You’ll have to follow I-64 for a couple hours until you reach I-264. Turn onto I-264 East and it’s just a straight shot to Virginia Beach. Enjoy the ocean and fun in the sun.

Richmond Airport Car Rental Return…

As per the directions FROM the airport above, simply reverse the directions and travel back.  You’re most likely to take I-64 back to your airport and get off on either the S Labumum Ave exit or the S Airport Dr exit. Turn south on S Labumum Ave and the first gas station you’ll face is a 7-Eleven. Continue until you reach Williamsburg Rd and you’ll run into an Exxon and a BP. From there you can take a left onto Williamsburg Rd, then a right onto Lewis Rd and a left into the airport whenever you get a chance.

From the S Airport Dr (which is the most likely exit you’ll use when coming from the East of Richmond somewhere) exit you’ll want to head south on S Airport Dr to Williamsburg Rd and either take a left and go to the S Labumum Ave corner or right and refuel at one of the four gas stations just down the road. If you decide to turn left then follow the directions in the paragraph above in order to get back. If you decide to go right then turn around after you’ve refueled and take a left onto s Airport Dr when you get back to it. You can follow the road straight into the airport.

 64 East Ramp


Other Airport Amenities…

The area around the airport is a pretty well-off area. You should be able to find a ton of restaurants, hotels and shopping plazas to fit all your needs. The airport offers a variety of shops and dining services, but they are all pretty much the same substandard service you can expect from the majority of airports around the United States. Your best bet is to get your rental car as quickly as possible and gain access to the wide variety of choices nearby. You won’t regret it.

Other Car Rental Options at Richmond International Airport…

Your choice of vehicles is pretty much as expansive as usual; it is an international airport after all. The airport does service more than three million passengers, about a million of which will use the rental car services offered at the airport. If you want something specific, you better make reservations.

Source: Richmond Airport 

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