Rennes Airport Car Rental

Rennes Airport Background…

The Rennes Airport (St. Jaques) sits about 25 minutes (via rental car of course) form the city center of Rennes.  The airport boasts 400,000 to 500,000 passengers per year – depending on the year that you’re measuring.  Traffic topped off in 2007, but like many European airport, traffic count was vastly reduced over the next few years because of the global recession.  Most expect tourism and air traffic to pick up eventually over the coming decade.

Paris, Rennes, Jardin Numerique, Feb-2012

St. Jaques Airport Car Rental…

Several rental car companies are available for hire at the Rennes Airport.  These include the regulars like Avis, Hertz, Europcar, National, and Sixt.  Each has a presence in the airport terminal and can be found pretty easily.  

Cars are parked on the parking grounds as well.  When you walk out of the front of the terminal, you will see the rental cars parked in front of you.  The cars are segregated into their own lot, but are easy to get to.  They are located within 100 meters of the terminal itself.

Once you find your rental, we generally recommend that you take a picture or two.  Doing so might help eliminate any misunderstanding regarding the condition of the vehicle – upon the return of the car.

Airport Directions to the city of Rennes…

When you come out of the airport, you will essentially come out into a residential – looking neighborhood.  The road will ‘T’ and you should turn left if traveling to the city. Drive about 600 meters along the little road and you will then run into D177, where you should turn left again (notice the little green sign directing you onward).  Drive a little over 4 km until you come to another ‘T’ at a stoplight.  You will turn left here as well.  

Continue on in your rental another 600 meters and you will then turn right onto Carrefour Georges Nitsch.  Drive between the graffiti-laden walls of the train tracks and you will soon (about 1 km) turn left onto Av. Jean Janvier right in front of the Gare de Rennes.  Drive into the city, following signage as you go.

Gare de Rennes

Rennes Airport Car Rental Return…

Reversing those directions above isn’t easy, but you’ll probably want to find your way onto D177 to get back to the airport.  Once you’re on the D177, it isn’t too difficult.  Signs are well-posted, providing some help in returning the rental.

Before you get back, however, you should probably re-fuel somewhere fairly close.  One of your best bets is inside the “centre commercial” market area.  This location sits about 5 km’s from the airport – on the right-hand side.  

After re-fueling, simply get back on D177 and watch for signs all the way back to the airport.  When entering the airport area, you’ll probably remember that the car rental parking location sits in front of the terminal.  Signs are again, well posted and easy to read.

Hotels near the Rennes Airport…

Quite frankly, there aren’t too many hotels to choose from – at least not right near the airport.  One of the closest options will be found at 1 Bis, Boulevard Roger Dodin at a hotel called Citotel La Ville En Pierre.  It’s a little 2-star hotel less than a 4-km car rental drive from the airport.  The hotel features free wi-fi, and free parking as well.  Breakfast is reportedly good and starts at 5 in the morning.  Eat a bit, hope in your rental and get back to the airport for your flight out.

Other Car Rental Options in Rennes…

There may be a couple of other locations in the city, but the most popular (with the exception of the airport location) will be found at the Rennes Train Station, or Gare de Rennes.  Just about every type of car that can be found at the airport can be found at the station as well.  SUV’s, economy cars, luxury cars and vans all can typically be hired out of either location.
Source: Gare de Rennes

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