Reggio Calabria Car Rental

Reggio Calabria Airport Basics.....

The Reggio Calabria (REG) or Tito Minniti airport is located close to  Reggio Calabria, Italy. It serves the Reggio Calabria, Messina and Vibo Valentia provinces of 1.2 million people.  Reggio, is the biggest city as well as most populated area of Calabria in southern Italy. It's the capital of the Reggio Calabria Province and has a role in  the Council of government in Calabri.  It's located at the “toe” on the map of the peninsula in Italy and is separate from the island of Sicily by the Messina Strait. It is Italy's second oldest city. It's mainly known for its port as well as the university (see below).
Reggio Calabria-Università per Stranieri

Rental Car Agencies and Directions to Reggio.....

The "Aeroporto Dello Stretto" Airport offers rental car companies such as AutoEuropa, Locauto, Maggiore, Sixt, Hertz, and Europcar.  The rental car companies are situated near the arrivals area, and area accessible from the outside of the airport.  They are all lined up, near the South end of the Terminal.

If traveling to Head out onto Via Ravagnese Inferiore and take the very first left to remain on Via Ravagnese Inferiore. Then make a right to stay on Via Ravagnese Inferiore. Make another left to stay on Via Ravagnese Inferiore.     
Via Ravagnese Inferiore will turn into Via Sbarre Centrali. You'll cross over a bridge and see many apartment buildings in the distance.  Make a left on Via Gebbione and at the traffic circle, take the 1st exit onto Viale Calabria. You're going to drive on this road for about 2km. You'll then make a left on Via Argine Destro Calopinace. There will be a rail system in the middle of the road below the road surface.    
Make a right onto Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi and then turn left onto Via Guglielmo Pepe. Your entering a one way  road.  Make a right onto Lungomare Giacomo Matteotti and you're on a two way road again. Then turn right  onto Corso Vittorio Emanuele III and follow that along for 1.5 km. Make a slight left on Piazza Indipendenza (see Picture Below) and stay to the right of the traffic circle and you have arrived at the hub of the city center.    
Piazza indipendenza

Amenities at the Airport.....

The Terminal is always expanding its services to meet the demand of increased passenger load. There are bars and restaurants, stores and newsstands to fill the need of the traveler. The airport has a book and perfume shop and some cafes to make your stop over more comfortable and enjoyable.  Stores include Laruffa SRL Bookshop, Vespia Perfume shop, Cafe Breakflight, Cuzzucoli – A coffee shop/tobacconists/newsagents.

Hotels Near the dello Stretto Airport.....

Hotel Residence Al.Pa. - The Al. Pa. Is only a five minute car drive from the airport. It has a restaurant, air conditioned rooms with a bathroom and free parking.  It's also close to the city center and the seaside is within walking distance. Also every morning you can have an Italian breakfast and guests receive discounts to the restaurant good for lunch or dinner. The rooms start at 80 euros.

Car Rental Driving Distance.....

The car rental driving distance from the Reggio Airport to the city center of Reggio Calabria is about 6 km.  However, there are other places one could hop in and take off to.  A couple of places to visit are the National Museum of Greater Greece which has the Riace Bronzes. There's also the downtown seaside promenade which is a great gathering place for hanging out and swimming.  Of course, just about anywhere in Italy could be called a destination, as there is just so much to see and do.  Here are some others:

Vito, Reggio di Calabria, Italia 11km
Campo Calabro, Italy 20km
Villa San Giovanni, Italy 20 km
Palmi, Italy 51km
Bagnara Calabra, Italy 47km
Montebello Ionico, Italy 21km
Melito di Porto Salvo, Italy 27km

Car Rental Types at the Reggio Airport.....

SUV's, luxury cars, economy cars, and minivans are all generally available at the airport.  As always, however, we generally recommend that you reserve early just in case there's a run on the type of rental vehicle that you're wanting.  Also, it's often a good idea to reserve a GPS when booking your rental vehicle - especially if you're unfamiliar with the Southern part of Italy.  As always, we do appreciate your business with Eurocar Rental and we also hope that you enjoy your Reggio Calabria Car Rental experience!

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