Prince Albert Airport Car Rental

Prince Albert Airport Background…

Originally built in 1940 as a training school and Relief Landing Field, the airport closed its training facilities in 1944 just before the end of World War II. Ever since then it has served as a quaint airport for the area whose primary purpose is to facilitate air mail and non-commercial cargo aviation operations. The commercial side of the airport regularly serves about one hundred thousand passengers each year through three different airlines; Pronto Airways, Transwest Air, and West Wind Aviation.

The airport also goes by the name Glass Field in honor of Floyd Glass, a military instructor who was stationed at the airport during World War II. After the war he became the first general manager of Crown Corporation Saskatchewan Government Airways. He resigned to fly with Queen Charlotte Airways before settling back in Saskatchewan in 1955. He spent the rest of his years building his own airline firm, Athabaska Airways, which still exists today as one of the three airlines that serves the area- Transwest Air.

Prince Albert Airport

Prince Albert Airport Car Rentals…

There are two car rental companies available on-site at Prince Albert Airport, Enterprise and Avis. You’ll find them conveniently located within the terminal around the baggage claim area, making it easy for you to fill out all the necessary rental paperwork and get out of the airport with your rental car quickly.

Unfortunately Prince Albert is a pretty small town, making Avis and Enterprise your only real options unless you’re able to find a start-up local rental car company in the area. If you do happen across such a rarity, I’m sure the company will provide free pick-up and transportation from the airport to their facility. To take advantage of such an option you’re going to have to call well ahead of time though.  The vehicles are right outside of the terminal, making them very handy for a quick getaway.

Prince Albert Airport Directions to Prince Albert…

Anyway, assuming you choose one of the on-site rental companies like most passengers do, you’re going to want to follow Airport Rd all the way out to SK-55 and turn left. Follow SK-55 West along the river until you come across a bridge (see picture below) on your left. Keep right on the road so you can take the SK-2 S exit to the bridge and over the river into Prince Albert. Take the first exit you see after crossing the bridge and continue straight from the off-ramp onto River St. After driving under the highway you’ll want to take your first right onto 1st Ave W and then a left onto 11th St W. Once you see the 11th St sign you’ve made it to Downtown Prince Albert.

Prince Albert is the biggest town for miles, making it a great central location for anyone who wants to explore the Canadian countryside. SK-55 will take you east and west along the northern portion of Canada while SK-2 leads north and south. If you head south along SK-2 you’ll have the option of branching off onto SK-11 and SK-3. Both highways lead to the closest major cities around Prince Albert. You’ll find a variety of small towns in all directions.

Bridge in Prince Albert

Prince Albert Airport Car Rental Return…

The closest gas stations to the airport can only be found in Prince Albert, i.e. across the river. If you continue straight just a bit past the first exit after crossing the river you’ll run into a 7-Eleven and a few other gas stations. Turn left at the corner, onto 15th St W and you’ll find a plethora of options to choose from. It’ll be a bit of a stretch getting back to the airport with the meter still on F for some cars, but the companies are fairly lenient considering the circumstances.

Finally, when you return to the airport, just make sure that you have left it in the location from where you picked it up originally.  Take a couple of pictures (a video is even better), and deliver the keys to the car rental agent inside.  It couldn’t be much easier.

Other Car Rental Options at Prince Albert Airport…

With only two car rental companies, your options are pretty limited. You should be able to get just about any type of vehicle you want, but don’t get your hopes up for certain makes and models. If you want something specific, I advise calling as far ahead as possible. If the company doesn’t have the car you want in the lot, they may be willing to acquire one for you if you give them enough time to do so. Of course, you may incur a few extra costs for such a request.
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