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Ponto Delgada Airport Basics.....

The Ponto Delgada or João Paulo II Airport is situated on Sao Miguel Island three kilometers away from the city in the Azores. It serves around 900,000 passengers annually and is the busiest airport in the Azores.  Ponta Delgada is located on the island of Sao Miguel on the Azore Archipelago.  It has around 45,000 residence in this historical city.  This is a major tourist region with many cruise liners coming and going on a daily basis year round.  The city has 35% of the hotel space in the region.
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Ponto Delgada Car Rental and Driving Guide.....

Renting a car can make your vacation so much more enjoyable.  The different airport car rental companies at the airport include Ilha Verde, Hertz and Autatlantis.  Each of these three are pretty well-respected in the area, and the actual cars are just a very short walk from the terminal (less than a couple of minutes).  When running a booking request above on Ponto Delgada Airport, each of these three car rental companies will be quoted.

The city center of Ponta Delgada is only 3 km from the airport and a 8-15 minute drive by car.  To get to Ponta Delgada you will travel out on R. José das Neves Ferreira and then merge onto Estr Regional 1-1.  Then merge to the right going toward R. Segunda Circula or R 1-1A. Finally, merge onto R. do Lagedo and take this road all the way into the city.
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Ponto Delgada Airport Amenities.....

You have many shops to choose from while you're waiting for your flight. Some of them include the Football corner, Soterlac, Vodafone, Travelshopping by LFP and FM.  Places to eat are also available.  These include the Restaurante HidroAvião, the Cafetaria Zona Pública and the Aerocafé.  Most folks really enjoy their experience at this quaint little airport, as it performs everything it's supposed to both quickly and efficiently.

Hotels Near the Ponto Delgada Airport.....

Royal Garden - The Royal Garden is on Sao Miguel Island.  The rooms have cable TV, bathrooms with hairdryers, air conditioning, and some have balconies.  The property has an outdoor pool and a nice lounging area.  The restaurant serves both regional as well as international cuisine and the hotel piano bar provides live music.  On the property you have access to a full service spa with a complete menu of massage and beauty treatments.  Also, you can relax at the indoor pool or workout playing tennis or using the fitness center.  Close to the beaches, you can go whale watching and even do some hiking to experience the beautiful area.  This hotel is on R. de Lisboa, about a block or two north of the coast near the city center of Ponta Delgada.

Hotel Ponta Delgada - A modern hotel that offers a lot.  All rooms have air conditioning, double glazed windows, bathrooms with a bathtub and shower, private balconies and cable TV.  The hotel has an indoor pool that is elevated, providing striking views of the town and you can visit the Santo Cristo Church and see the city first hand. Also, after a long day, you can use the jacuzzi and sauna to relax.  The restaurant serves the cuisine from the Azores and the hotel bar offer a variety of drinks as well as dancing and folk music on the weekends.  You can get to this one via your rental car on Cabral, 49, a road that runs perpendicular to the coast, near the city center as well.

Vila Nova Hotel - The hotel is situated in the center of Ponta Delgada.  Each room has a minibar, comfortable beds that are extra long, bath tub, shower, air conditioning and nicely decorated.  The property also offers access to a fitness center and a heated outdoor pool.  A breakfast buffet is served daily as well as dinner.  The bar makes exotic cocktails and tasty snacks.  The hotel has a swimming pool with a very large terrace with plenty of sun umbrellas and lounge chairs. When you are done swimming or sunbathing, there's a game room that you can play pool.  The Vila Nova is located on Rua Joao F Cabral 13, not far from the city center.

Other Things to See in Your Ponta Delgada Rental Car.....

Besides all the water, beach and recreational activities that are abundant on the island, there are many festivals and activities that are held every year in the city. Some of these include the Festival of Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres and the Nights of Summer – something like a farmer's market selling refreshments, small goods and food.  There is also nightly music by local bands as well as International artists.  It lasts for four months starting in June and lasts through September.
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Types of Rental Vehicles at the Ponta Delgada Airport.....

Various types of rental cars are generally available at the Ponto Delgada Airport.  Included are economy cars, compacts, diesels, gasoline, stick and automatic.  You'll see all of these options when you run a booking request above.  As a note, most folks in Europe prefer the diesel motor and the stick shift.  Both features add to better fuel mileage and often the smaller cars that are equipped with these are a little ore nimble as well.  And a nimble car isn't a bad idea on the Sao Miguel Island.

Finally, we want to sincerely thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you learned something about renting a car at the Ponta Delgada Airport on the Sao Miguel Island.
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