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Abruzzo Airport Basics.....

The Abruzzo Airport is the gateway to the beautiful city of Pescara and the surrounding Italian as well as European destinations. It's the only International Airport in the Region and it has continually increased in popularity with nearly 400,000 passengers passing through it's doors every year.
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Car Rentals and Directions to Pescara

You have access to many car rental agencies for your convenience. You have the choice of Avis, Europcar, Hertz, Maggiore, Sixt, Auto Europa, Qnair Bus and Budget.  Each of thse car rental companies has locations situated in the arrivals area, not far from the baggage claim area.

If traveling to Pescara, you should know that Pescara is around 5.5 km from the airport or 9 minutes away.  After picking up the rental car you want to head out towards Via Tiburtina Valeria in a southwest direction out of the airport.  After driving just a bit you'll need to make a u-turn to get out of the airport and onto Via Tiburtina Valeria and continue on merging right to stay on the road.  You'll then be making a left to leave the airport onto Via Tiburtina Valeria/SS5 going towards Pescara. You'll see the big blue airport sign as you're leaving. Like most of the highways, it will be a two laner.

You'll follow the road for about a kilometer passing mostly residential and businesses  on the right and the airport on the left . You'll see a sign on the left hand side of the road for Pescara straight ahead and Fontanelle turning right. You'll pass under these signs and want to keep going straight following the middle Pescara sign.  Before reaching a traffic circle in your rental vehicle, you'll pass Via Feltrino on your right. At the circle you'll see an old airplane in the middle, follow it along and  take the second exit to get onto the SS16 ramp to the  Pescara Centro/Adriatica/Bari/Avezzano/Roma/L'Aquila. There will be signs to the left of the exit to help you. If by chance you miss it, just keep going around again until you can exit.
You want to stay on this road and stay to the left at the fork. There will be a red speed limit sign and further along directional signs right at the fork. The sign for Pescara will be on the very top. You drive through and underpass and as it starts to curve around, follow it along and merge right, which will take you to SS16.  After being on SS16 your going to want to take your rental car via the exit going toward Dogana. There will be a number of signs and it will be on the bottom.  Then you'll merge after about 240m to Raccordo Autostradale Pescara-Chieti/SS16. Stay on this road for 3.5km.This is a major highway and is a divided road.

Make a slight left and follow for 27 m and continue on  Piazza della Marina. You enter a roundabout for 27 m. Just follow it along to the second exit onto Piazza della Marina.   Stay on Piazza della Marina and then make a left to stay on Piazza della Marina. Take and follow the ramp to Piazza Italia and go straight onto Piazza Italia to the center of the city.

Amenities at the Airport

It is the only Airport in the region, it is very small and therefore doesn't have the amount of passenger services of the much larger airports in the country. However, there are some great shopping and dining opportunities nevertheless. There is the Ristorante Concorde, a self serve restaurant as well as the Bar D'angelo to sit and relax while you're waiting for your flight. Also, for you convenience there's a bank and a jewelry store.  

The Abruzzo airport also has been restructured for disabled and handicapped travelers. If you are in a wheelchair, you won't ever have a problem getting around. There's assistance if you need it and designated parking right in from of the terminal for easy access to and from the airport

Hotels Near the Airport

There are hotels close to the airport.  You will find an abundance of superb and affordable hotels in the surrounding areas from the affordable to the more luxurious variety. You can try Villa Pardi which is around 4 km from the airport that offers a cozy 18th century villa situated in the little town of Manoppello. It comes with all the standard amenities and rooms start at 60 euros.

A little farther out is the highly rated Castello Di Semivicoli. Located 9 km from the airport in the town of Casacanditella. It offers very original seventeenth century castle accommodations with excellent views of the beautiful mountains and majestic sea.  You will have a great experience at around 75 euros.
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Rental Car Destinations Distances

For those folks not traveling to Pescara out of the Abruzzo Airport, we have listed a few alternative destinations below.  Each of these is an estimated distance from the Abruzzo Airport.

Pescara 5.5KM
Montesilvano 10.7
Francavilla al Mare 11.3
L'Aquila, Italy 102
Rome 209
Foggia 183

Car Rental Types at the Abruzzo Airport.....

As in most other European towns, most of the cars hired out of airports are smallish, and often diesel.  And, for Americans who are used to automatic transmissions, many of the cars rented are standard shift.  So, fuel mileage will generally be better as a result.  You can always designate an automatic when running a booking request, so just watch for the options.  Remember, too, that GPS's are generally available at almost all locations.  They can be very helpful when navigating thru areas that you aren't familiar with.  Thanks for shoppping with Eurocar Rental and we hope you enjoy your rental car rental at the Pescara Airport.
Source: Abruzzo Airport Homepage

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