Pasco Airport Car Rental

Tri-Cities Airport Background…

The first airport in the Tri-Cities area was the Pasco Airport built in 1926. It wasn’t long before the airport had to be moved due to larger requirements of an ever-advancing aircraft industry. The move to where it sits today was coupled with a renaming to Franklin County Airport. Shortly after the move, just as World War II fell upon the United States, the airport was taken over by the United States Navy and turned into Naval Air Station Pasco. The airport was sold back to the City of Pasco for a dollar once the war was over, although it still retains that right to use the airport as a training area.

The terminal building that stands today was built in 1966, but most of it was been replaced due to renovations and expansions that more than doubled the size of the terminal over the years. The latest expansion took place in 2003, when the airport expanded the ticket and boarding area by three thousand square feet.

Airport Sunset

Pasco Airport Car Rentals…

The airport is serviced by six nationally renowned car rental companies. All six counters are located next to the baggage claim area within the terminal. The airport is very proud of this convenience and shows no sign of ever creating a separate rental car center. Even so, if you have some issues finding the counters then check out one of the directories nearby or ask an employee for assistance. The six companies you have to choose form are Alamo, Avis, Budget, National, Enterprise, and Hertz.

The entire rental car fleet is located within the rental lot next to the terminal. You’ll be directed to the parking space within the lot where your rental car is located once you’ve been given the keys and will finally be ready to be on your way. To get to that lot, walk out of the front of the terminal, and turn to your left.  Walk about 50 meters to get to the rental car parking lot.  The lot is right next to the employee parking area, so you know you’re going to be pretty close to the terminal if it’s that close to the employee’s parking lot.

Tri-Cities Pasco Airport Directions to Kennewick and Pasco…

It is imperative that you don’t make the mistake between Tri-Cities Regional Airport and Tri-Cities Airport. One is located in Tennessee and the other is located in Washington, two very different locations. The Tri-Cities Airport is thusly named because the area is made up of three cities; Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland. The airport is located within the northern end of Pasco-pretty much making up the entirety of north Pasco. The easiest way out is to take N 20th Ave to W Court St and turn left. When you reach the corner of W Court St and N 10th Ave, you’ve reached downtown Pasco.

Kennewick is located just south of Pasco. The easiest way to its center is to take I-182 West to Three Flags Highway and hug the left as you cross the Columbia River so you end up taking the off-ramp into the downtown section of the city. Turn left onto W Canal Dr and you’re pretty much there.

Richland is reached by staying right as you cross the river and Three Flags Highway turns into County Road 240. After a few miles it’ll turn into George Washington Way and take you straight into the downtown Richland area. You’ll know you’re there when you reach the Williams Blvd intersection.

Pasco Airport Car Rental Return…

Your best route back, no matter where you are in the area, is to take I-182 to the N 20th Ave exit. To refuel, head south into Pasco and use one of the many gas stations that can be found all along W Court Dr. Then simply turn back around and take N 20th Ave all the way back into the airport. Your only other options are to refuel at one of the exits just before N 20th Ave. Trying to take some winding back road route without a GPS system is unwise.

If you’re coming back from Kennewick, it’s probably best to refuel in the city.  There are multiple gas-stations on W 10th and W Clearwater Ave as well.  Another idea – especially for those in the Kennewick area – is Hubby’s Pizza Place.  It’s situated on Clearwater, a few blocks West of the Benton Franklin Intercounty Bridge.  The pizza parlor has been around for many years, and remains as a popular eatery for locals.  Most folks tout very good pizza at a good price.

Hubby's Pizza

Other Car Rental Options at Tri-Cities Airport…

The area is one big mini-metropolitan area, at least when compared to New York and Los Angeles. A GPS system really should be more of a requirement instead of an option that all the car rental companies provide. Granted, if you’re good with maps or have a GPS system of your own then you won’t need to buy one. But if all you have is the GPS your phone came with, you need to get the satellite updated system all the rental companies’ offer.   
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