Parma Airport Car Rental

 When renting a car from the Parma airport (sometimes referred to as Giuseppe Verdi), one has choices.  Hertz, Europcar and Sixt Italia Rent offer passengers all they will need in service and affordability.  

The actual facility officially began in 1991 when the Italian Government made a formal recognition of the airport.  Since then thousands of passengers have used the Parma Airport to travel to destinations all over the world.  In fact, over 250,000 passengers used the airport in 2009, as the airport now has a maximum capacity of about 600,000.  Many upgrades were made to the airport up to 2009 including the extension of the terminal hall.

Although the size of the Parma airport is not great, they do offer a bar located opposite the airside that serves sandwiches and salads.  A bar serving alcoholic drinks is located nearby (airside) for those wishing to enjoy a cool beverage.

Upon leaving the Parma Airport with your newly rented car, you may want to spend some time discovering all that the Parma and Emilia Romagna region offers.  Many say that the area is actually a pretty good base when touring northern and central Italy.  Some restaurants available in the Parma area include Trattoria del Tribunale, an authentic Italian restaurant and the La Greppia (which has a pretty extensive wine list apparently), another restaurant of Italian cuisine.

Driving your rental car out of the airport, you may find that there are some towns that you want to visit.  We have listed some of the more popular car rental destinations near the Parma Airport. While these driving distances are not exact, we believe that they provide a useful tool to passengers.

Parma Airport to Bologna, 110 km.
Parma Airport to Ravenna, 180 km.
Parma Airport to Rimini, 215 km.
Parma Airport to Pesaro, 250 km.
Parma Airport to Ancona, 305 km.
Parma Airport to La Spezia, 100 km.
Parma Airport to Genova, 150 km.
Parma Airport to Milano, 130 km.
Parma Airport to Torino, 240 km.

Vehicle types presently available for hire out of the facility include Mini's, Economy, Compact and Standard type cars.  Just fill in the pertinent information when booking a car and we'll find the best deal for you.

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