Palm Beach Airport Car Rentals

Palm Beach International Airport Background…

Palm Beach International Airport was originally created in 1936 under the name Morrison Field. It was dedicated to Miss Grace K. Morrison, who was a key member in the creation and planning of the airfield, on December 19, 1936. The first terminal and hangars were built in 1937 after the Palm Beach Aero Corporation obtained a lease for the field. In 1941 the field was used by the U.S. Air Force during World War II to train Allies soldiers for the invasion of France. The Air Force relinquished their hold of the airport after World War II but regained control in 1951 and renamed it Palm Beach Air Force Base.

Palm Beach County continually fought the occupation of the Air Force over the years until they closed down the based and relinquished control yet again in 1959. In 1966 the eight-gate main terminal was opened and commercial traffic began to flourish. In 1988 a second terminal was added to the airport, expanding the number of gates to thirty-three. The “International” title was added to the name when international flights started being conducted on a regular basis. The airport now services about six million passengers annually.

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Palm Beach International Car Rentals…

There are nine car rental companies represented on the Baggage Claim area of the airport terminal. The companies you have to choose from include Advantage, Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National, and Thrifty.  You will be shuttled to the actual vehicles - from the airport.

After landing in Palm Beach International you’re basically in the middle of Palm Beach. Too bad it’s probably not where you wanted to be. To get to downtown Palm Beach you start out by driving away from the airport via Perimeter Rd and take a left onto Belvedere Rd. Follow Belvedere Rd until you reach S Dixie Highway and you’ll end up running straight through the downtown area.

To get to the two most popular tourist cities in Florida, Orlando and Miami, you’ll have to hop onto the I-95 on-ramp you come across while driving towards S Dixie Highway. I-95 North will take you to Orlando, I-95 South will take you to Miami.

Palm Beach International Airport Car Rental Return…

Virtually all of the car rental companies’ rental vehicles can either be returned on Belvedere Road, or just off of Belvedere Road.  For example, Budget, Enterprise, National and Alamo have rental car return parking areas right on Belvedere – from the 1700 block to the 1900 block – not far from the primary entrance/exit into the airport area.

Avis, Hertz, and Thrifty car rental return locations are established on a road called Perimeter Road – that shoots right off of Belvedere.  Perimeter is right across from the Budget car rental return location.  Little green signs directing you to Avis, Hertz, and Thrifty are well-placed and easy to see.  Simply follow the arrows to locate the company of your choice.

You should probably re-fuel before returning your rental car back to the rental car company.  There is a BP Station right on Belvedere – just East of all of the rental car return areas.  Most folks will find this one to be very handy, especially if you’re coming from Palm Beach itself and exiting off of 95 to get back to the airport.

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Other Airport Amenities…

The airport doesn’t offer a whole lot in the way of food. You have a Quizno’s Subs, California Pizza Kitchen, Rooney’s Public House, Sam Snead’s Tavern, Burger King, Nick’s Tomatoe Pie, Chili’s, and about three Starbuck’s. These are all spread out across three different concourses and on the second level of the main terminal. To find something specific, you’ll have to either consult a directory or an employee for directions.

Shopping is pretty much the same as everywhere else. You have a PGA Tour shop, tons of clothing and apparel stores, a couple book stores, a couple newsstands, a jewelry store, and a few other specialty shops. They’re spread out across the airport, so you’ll have to find them the same way you’d find a restaurant or food service store.

The Hilton Singer Island is the only hotel located on the airport grounds. To stay somewhere else you’ll have to take a right onto Belvedere Rd. you’ll find an Embassy Suites and a Holiday Inn before you even make it to the I-95 on-ramp. If you take a left onto S Australian Ave you’ll find all kinds of other hotels to choose from.

Car Rental Options at Palm Beach International…

SUVs, off road vehicles, coups, four-door sedans … you name it, you can find it at a car rental company around Palm Beach International. Florida is one of the highest car rental revenue areas in the United States because of its high volume of national and international tourism. The only vehicles you won’t be able to rent are exotic sports cars. Although you should still make your reservations as quickly as possible, otherwise you may lose the car you want to the person in-front of you while in line. 

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