Oulu Airport Car Rental

Oulu Airport Background…

The airport started being constructed in 1949 because the previous airport that originally served the area, Orikari Airport, was too small for the new larger aircraft that was starting to be used. It took four years for the airport to be completed, and even then it was little more than a building and some gravel runways. In 1958 the first terminal and air traffic control tower was completed while the main runway was paved. This helped facilitate the jet aircraft that started landing at the airport in 1964.

The terminal building that stands today was completed in 1973. By 1984 the airport was already serving more than three hundred thousand passengers each year and continued to see regular growth that has caused the airport to require expansion projects twice. The latest expansion took place in 2002.

Oulu is the second busiest airport in Finland, serving about one million people each year. The airport can currently serve up to one and a half million people each year, but will exceed that number by 2018 if the annual number of passengers continues to increase as it has recently. Expect a new expansion or terminal to start being constructed soon.

At Oulu Airport (OUL)

Oulu Airport Car Rentals…

There are seven rental car companies located on-site at the airport. They’re all names most people who have visit the country before will recognize, including Avis, Budget, Erenta, Europcar, Hertz, Scandia Rent and Sixt. All seven counters can be found around the first level of the terminal and there are directories scattered throughout the building to help direct you to the counter you desire.

Once you’ve signed the necessary paperwork, you’ll be handed the keys to your vehicle and directed to its designated parking spot in the rental lot just outside the terminal. The rental lot is situated to the left as you exit out of the terminal (see the map below and notice the words ‘Vuokra-Autot’ on the map.  That means rental cars.)

Don’t forget to go over your pre-rental checklist before driving the rental off the lot, which means checking for any dings and a full tank of gas, and you’ll be ready to drive off into the Finnish countryside.

Oulu Airport Car Rental Parking Map

Oulu Directions to Oulu…

Oulu is the sixth most populous city in Finland. It was established in 1608 and has progressed from being known for wood tar and salmon to being known for IT technology. Major sights to check out during your stay include the Merikoski hydroelectric dam, Rotuaari pedestrian street, Oulu Market Hall, the Castle of Oulu and Mannerheim Park.

The airport is located about half an hour southwest of the city in order to negate the noise pollution caused by the airport. Getting to the city from the airport may take a bit, but it’s an easy route to follow. You’ll start by exiting the airport via Route 815 and following it for seven kilometers before it crosses with Route 847. Turn left onto Route 847 and settle in for another seven kilometer straight shot before turning left onto Saaristonkatu, right onto Torikatu and then right onto Pakkahuoneenkatu. After making the last turn you’ll find yourself in downtown Oulu and close to a nice ocean view.

Gas Stations Near the Oulu Airport...

Seeing as how the route to and from the airport is pretty much the extent of two roads, it lucky that both roads have a variety of gas stations to choose from. Once you’re about halfway down Route 847 you should be able to refuel without worrying about making it back without a full tank of gas. There are a couple of gas stations located along Route 815 before you enter the airport. The first is a local station in one of the small towns you pass through. You won’t be able to miss it unless you’re driving with your eyes closed. The last on is a Neste Oil located within about a kilometer of the airport’s entrance, and there is a Shell Station in between. 

Oulu Airport Shell Station
Source: Google Street View
Other Rental Car Options at Oulu Airport…

With seven different rental car agencies at your disposal, finding a car you like and renting it shouldn’t be an issue. However, with a million or more other passengers to compete with, you might have a hard time getting that vehicle if you wait until the last second to rent it. Two to three days is the proper amount of time you should reserve your vehicle before landing at the airport if you want to get something specific.  
Source: Oulu Airport

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