Olbia Airport Car Rental

Olbia Airport Basics.....

The Olbia Airport is one of three international airport situated on the island of Sardinia, the 2nd biggest island in the Mediterranean.  The airport is situated in the Northeast area of the island and services a lot of passengers traveling to and from not only Olbia, but San Teodoro, Budoni, Arzachena, and Palau as well.  The Olbia Airport is only about 130 km from the Alghero Airport, but each airports transport about 1.5 million passengers per year.

Olbia Airport Car Rental.....

Several car rental companies are situated in the Olbia Airport.  These include AM, AutoEuropa, Avis, Matta, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, Locauto, and Maggiore.  Each company has cars located in the car rental terminal right next to the airport terminal.

If you're headed to Olbia, you will want to exit the airport taxi road on Regione Aeroporto Costa Smeralda.  Doing so, you will go around a traffic circle or two (depending on which exit road you take) exit via traffic circle towards Olbia, Sassari, Nuoro, and Cagliari.  Well placed, clearly viewed blue signs will be overhead giving you good directions.  After going thru the roundabout and traveling East, you will soon encounter a 'Y'.  Signs at the 'Y' will suggest that you veer right to get to Olbia.  We generally recommend that you travel straight and continue on SS125 (aka Via Principe Umberto), for about 2 km over the Tyrrhenian Sea, as if you're going to the Olbia Port (signs will be marked for directions to the Port).

After you cross over the sea on the bridge (this will only take a couple hundred meters), watch for signs pointing you to Olbia and veer right to stay near the coastline.  Within a few meters, you will veer back left onto a traffic circle and watch for white signs planted next to the road directing you to the "centre" or Olbia city center.  You're now at the edge of the city, you can turn left (West) into the city wherever you like.

When returning your rental car back to the airport, we generally recommend that you simple reverse the directions above to travel back to the airport.  Finally, we also recommend that you re-fuel your rental vehicle before getting back to the airport.  As far as we know, there are no petrol stations very close to the airport, so you'll probably have to stop at a service station in the city.
Olbia center

Driving In Olbia.....

Don't worry, this isn't a bad place to drive at all. Driving in the Olbia area will give you more options than you would have by traveling by train or bus.  As there are no toll road areas you will find that renting and driving a car in the area can be very affordable – especially if you reserve a smaller, more fuel-conscience car.

Most of the roads are pretty narrow and there are quite a few hills, so you’ll need to pay attention to what you’re doing while driving.  Also watch for animals as many natives own goats, pigs, or sheep, and they do wander around a bit.

Olbia Airport Hotels.....

The Jazz Hotel - This fairly new hotel near the Olbia Airport offers passengers thru the area a pretty nice overnight option.  Built just a few years ago, the hotel still feels new and modern.  Double Standard Rooms (the cheapest rate rooms coming in at times less than €70 per night), offer a LCD TV, free wireless (although you may have to visit the lobby to use it), safe, air conditioning and a free breakfast in the morning.  The best part of the Jazz Hotel is its proximity to the airport.  Driving out of the airport taxi area, you will see the Jazz on the left hand side before you get to the Strada Statale 125.  It's a beautiful white structure.  The second best part of the Jazz may be the restaurant.  Open 12 months out of the year the Bacchus Restaurant is reported by most to be absolutely wonderful.

Olbia Airport Amenities.....

Although it's not free, the Olbia Airport offers Wi-Fi to its passers-thru.  Inside the airport, there are some decent restaurants, wine-bars and even a smoking garden for its patrons.  And for those that want to shop, there are options here as well.  

Rental Car Types at the Olbia Airport.....

All types of rental vehicles are available at the Olbia Airport.  These would include the normal types such as economy and compact cars, but also exceptional such as SUV's, luxury cars, minivans, and 7-seater passenger vans as well.  Of course we always recommend that you book early to make certain that you get the rental vehicle that you're looking for.  They do run out occasionally.  Also, check out our prices on GPS's and the various types of children's seats before reserving.  You will be able to reserve add-on items when reserving your Olbia Airport Rental Car.

Finally, we want you to know that we sincerely appreciate your visiting our site.  We hope that you learned something you didn't know, and maybe even booked a car!
Source: Olbia Airport Homepage

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