New Dehli Airport Car Rental

New Delhi is one of the major cities in the Indian subcontinent and is also the capital of the country. New Delhi has one of the country’s major airports. Many domestic and international flights land at this facility. Thus New Delhi greets a lot of local and foreign visitors every day.  The airport has recently undergone some renovations.

Car Rentals at the Dehli Airport include everything from Mini type cars to luxury sedans (Mercedes, most often) and everything in between.  Fullsize cars, SUV's and minivans are sometimes available.  However the more expensive the vehicle, the quicker it runs out of stock.  This is true for most locations.

Various facilities are available at the New Delhi airport that makes it a pleasant experience for people who arrive from outside the city or depart from the city. The security staff and airport personnel positioned at various places of both the domestic and international airports assist you with any concerns that you may have.

The waiting lounge is large and spacious. The lounge is also centrally air-conditioned so that you feel cozy and do not tire yourself easily. There are also book shops from where book lovers can buy books of different types if they have forgotten to pack their own. As for the fashion conscious people, they can treat themselves to visiting a few design stores during the waiting time for their flight. Some of these stores also deal with travel merchandise. A medical shop is also available so that you can buy medicines that you may need during your travel. Another interesting feature of both the New Delhi airports is the large number of display panels available at different places of the waiting lounge. These panels give information about the flights that have landed and taken off along with the details of when some other flights are expected to arrive. This helps you to be prepared for your flight.

For the tech savvy people whose flight has just landed at the airport or who are waiting for their flight to take off, there is a high speed Internet Wi-Fi connection at one or more terminals. This Internet connection is secure and allows you to respond to your e-mails, chat with your friends, just surf and do a lot more. Once you get the Wi-Fi connection established, you can remain connected to the Internet free of cost for about 20 minutes. The Delhi International Airport has a play area for babies and young children. This area has a lot of interesting toys that keep the children occupied and reduce their boredom if you have to wait a long time for your flight in case of any untoward delay.

Food lovers will not find themselves disappointed at the New Delhi airports. There are various restaurants that serve a wide spread of North Indian, South Indian, and continental food. Although the food is by and large a treat to the stomach, the prices are slightly over-priced when compared to other restaurants outside the airport. If you are a hot beverage lover, there are a few cafes that you can visit for a steaming cup of coffee or tea. You can also treat yourself to some mouth watering pastries. And if you would like to enjoy a drink, you can have your fair share too. There is a bar at the airport for you to have a glass of your favorite drink.

As soon as you land at the New Delhi airports, you will be informed about the terminal where you have to go to collect your baggage. If you do not know how to reach there, do not despair. The airport staffs are usually quite courteous and can guide you with this.

My first experience at an airport was the New Delhi domestic airport. Although I was early, I got in with a bit of apprehension. But, the way I was treated by the personnel and the ambiance of the waiting lounge put my fears at ease. Soon I found myself relaxing in the waiting lounge, occasionally sipping a cup of coffee and reading a book of my favorite author that I had bought at the airport. The baggage check-in was also faster and simpler than I expected it to be.

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