Minneapolis - St. Paul Airport Car Rental

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport Background…

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, which we will call St. Paul International for short, was first established in the late 1910s when it was constructed over a bankrupt race track and given the name Speedway Field. In 1921, it was renamed Wold-Chamberlain Field, the last names of two respected WWI pilots. In 1944 the airport received its current name sans the “International”, which was added in 1947. Historically, the airport was used during Howard Hughes’ world flight in 1938.

St. Paul International gets its name from its location, being situated only ten miles from both downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul. It is the largest airport in the upper Midwest five-state region and operates as civilian and military airport. Like all of the international airports in the United States, St. Paul International sees a heavy amount of passenger traffic- more than thirty million people each year.

St. Paul International Car Rentals…

On-airport car rental services are handled separately on both terminals - Lindbergh and Humphrey. The rental car counters are on the second and third levels of terminal one, aka Lindbergh. The second terminal - aka the Humphrey Terminal - car rental counters are found at the Ground Transport Center on the Purple parking ramp’s ground level. All car companies located on-airport have counters in both terminals, so you don’t have to run from terminal one to rent from a car company in terminal two. On-airport car rental agencies include Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz and National.

Ace is offered off-airport. The free shuttle to Ace is located at the Terminal One Transit Center, which can be found between the Red and Blue parking ramps. It can also be accessed from the Tram level by taking an underground tram to the Transit Center and then using the escalator or elevator to go up one level.

There are three different roads that lead out of St. Paul International; Green Lane, Glumack Drive, and Northwest Drive. Green Lane and Glumack both split off to the left and right. The left will lead you north towards both the St.Paul and Minneapolis downtown areas. The right will lead you south towards I-494 where you could then choose to go in various directions. It’s best to avoid Northwest Drive altogether because it is only connected to a few other smaller roads around the vacant areas of the airport.

Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Roads

St. Paul International Amenities…

There are no hotels at St.Paul International. Close hotels can be found by going left or right from either Green Ln or Glumack Drive. By close, I mean about five miles down the road. So don’t expect to turn and be at your hotel right away.

The airport does offer a wide variety of dining opportunities though, everything from Arby’s to Chili’s. There are also dozens of bookstores, clothing boutiques, and gift shops you can browse through during your stay at St.Paul International. The airport is also equipped with three different arcades and a couple spas, allowing for some form of relaxing entertainment for everyone.

St. Paul International Car Rental Counter Hours…

You have to be mindful about your arrival time because most of the rental car counters are not open twenty-four hours. If you arrive too early, you’re going to be stuck waiting for many of the counters to open. On top of that, the hours differ from terminal to terminal. The counter hours are as follows:

Car Rental Hours at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport

Car Rental Options at St. Paul International…

Whether you’re looking for an SUV, off-road vehicle, luxury vehicle, or typical sedan, one of the car rental agencies at St. Paul International has what you’re looking for. Just remember, it’s always easier and more affordable to place a reservation than to try to get the car you want after you’ve arrived.

Source: Wikipedia Minneapolis St. Paul Airport

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