Midland TX Airport Car Rental

Midland International Airport Background…

The ninth busiest airport in Texas was first opened as Sloan Field in 1927 by Samuel Addison Sloan, who bought the 220 acres that the field sat on from a local rancher. In 1939, Sloan’s brother, who had inherited the airport after Samuel’s death, sold the field to the City of Midland for about fifteen thousand dollars, which would be the same as about a quarter of a million dollars today. In 1941, the military acquired the airport as a training base and renamed it Midland Army Air Field. It was given back to the City of Midland in 1946 and the name was changed to Midland-Odessa Regional Airport.

During the late 1970s and into the 1980s, the area saw a major economic increase during an “oil boom”. Numerous expansions were made in order to accommodate the large increase in passengers to the area. The terminal that stands today was built in 1999. The airport serves about one million passengers each year.

new MAF terminal

Midland International Airport Car Rentals…

The eight national rental car agencies found in most major international airports around the U.S., Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, Enterprise, National, and Thrifty, can all be found on-site at the airport. The counters are located within the terminal, across from the baggage claim area. They’ll look like bank teller counters and have the name of their respective company displayed on the wall behind each representative. If you’re having a hard time finding the counters, consult a directory or asks someone nearby for assistance.

The actual vehicles are situated not in the covered car park across the road from the terminal, but in the car rental parking area to the North of the terminal.  To get there, you will simply walk out of the front of the terminal exit and take a right.  Walk along the sidewalk, and you will get to the parking area in about 100 yards – not too bad.

Midland Airport to Midland Downtown (and Odessa) Directions…

The airport can be a bit confusing to navigate around, but if you follow the signs you should have no problem finding your way to a road that leads out onto I-20.  You essentially have two exits out of the parking area to choose from.  You can take the Northern side exit via the service road, or you can take the one we recommend – the inside exit and primary exit via La Force Blvd.   Just as soon as you exit out of the parking lot, you will see a large sign across the road that directs you to “leave airport”.  Follow the sign and turn right.  As you continue to taxi around the area, you will finally come to a sign that says “leave airport” with an I-20 sign underneath. This is the exit you want.  Follow it until it “T”’s on an overpass and turn left onto I-20.  Follow I-20 until it turns into W Wall St about 7 miles later and drive right into the city center.

Odessa, the city that used to be part of the airport’s name before it no longer jointly owned the airport with Midland, is located about just as far from the airport as Midland is. The only difference is that you have to take I-20 West until it turns into E 2nd St and then turn right onto N Grant Ave in order to get to the downtown portion of Odessa.

Windmills off I-20

Midland International Airport Car Rental Return…

Getting back to the airport isn’t that difficult.  Simply reverse the directions and follow I-20 back to the facility.  Signs are well-posted, and you will drop off your rental in the same parking are that you picked it up from originally.

You really shouldn’t have a problem finding a gas station on your return trip to the airport. Whether you’re heading back down I-20 from Odessa or Midland, more than a handful can be found just before you get to the airport. Your last chance when coming back from Midland is Stripes and your last chance when coming back from Odessa is West Texas Gas. There shouldn’t be a large volume of traffic if you follow the aforementioned directions back to the airport, meaning you can fill up early and still get back with a full tank.

Other Airport Amenities…

All of your typical amenities are covered by Midland International Airport. The airport doesn’t do anything too spectacular beyond fulfilling general food and gift shop needs, but it does currently have a Master Plan for 2025. The plan primarily involves the City of Midland, but since the city owns the airport you can bet it will be seeing just as many additions, expansions and renovations. Hopefully a new website is in those plans because the one that airport has right now is extremely dated.

Other Car Rental Options at Midland International Airport…

With all eight national car rental chains at your beck and call, you can be sure that you’ll be able to get what you’re looking for. Of course, if you reserve your vehicle beforehand you can guarantee you get exactly what you want at a low price, but the choice is completely up to you. My advice? Get a GPS system. Odessa and Midland are pretty big cities. Don’t risk wasting your time getting lost or stuck in traffic. The little bit extra you’ll pay will more than make up for itself in the end.
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