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Malpensa Airport Basics.....

The Milano Malpensa Airport (MXP) is the largest of the three airports in Milan. Malpensa is remarkably the twenty-first busiest European airport handling around 19 million passengers in 2010. It also remains the premiers Italian when it comes to passengers and traffic only second to Rome.  Malpensa boasts two terminals and another runway (Making it three) that will be completed sometime in 2010.  It also has a separate terminal devoted exclusively for cargo which has been given the name “Cargo City”. Over 400,000 tons of traffic is handled on a yearly basis.  All of the Milan airports are connected together by a highway and bus system.
Malpensa, la mattina presto e nevica / Malpensa, early morning and snowing
Rental Cars and Driving Directions.....
Most Rental agencies are represented at the Malpensa Airport including Thrifty, Targa, Maggiore, Avis, Locauto, Europcar, Hertz, Easycar, Sixt, Budget and Auto Europa.  Each car rental agency has an presence within the airport, near the baggage claim (see picture below as the baggage claim signage points towards the car rental desks) area in the arrivals hall of Terminal 1, level 1.  If you are in Terminal 2, you can hop on the free shuttle bus that connects the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, and is available for passengers every 20 minutes or so.  The bus runs all hours of the day and night. 

Location of the Rental Cars...

The car rental park sits across the from Terminal 1 as well.  Walking out one of the arrivals area doors, you will run right into the rental car parking area.

Directions to Milan from the Malpensa Airport...

To get to Milan, you will end up driving your rental vehicle about 50 Kilometers away from the airport.  It is very easy to get to the city center for a day or two or even three of sightseeing.  To do so, you'll head north out of the airport. The airport is very large so you'll want to take Aeroporto Malpensa 2000 and follow it along until you reach the ramp to Milano-Varese/Milano/Busto Arsizio. There will be directional signs clearly posted pointing towards Milan.

Take the ramp and you'll merge onto onto SS336. Once you get on this divided 3 lane highway you'll drive 14.4 km. Turn off onto exit A8/E62 toward Milano/Como-Chiasso It will be clearly posted with big green overhead signs pointing towards Milan. You'll want to drive this stretch of road for 24.6 km. Also, be ready because it is a partial toll road.  A8/62 turns into Autostrada dei Laghi.  There will be signs for Milan.  Drive for 2.1 km.  Autostrada dei Laghi turns into Cavalcavia del Ghisallo.  You'll be entering deeper into the city for 1.3 km.

Turn off on Viale Alcide De Gasperi and drive for another 1.1 km.  Viale Alcide De Gasperi and then turns into Viale Lodovico Scarampo.  Turn left onto Viale Teodorico.  You'll pass through a building via a tunnel right after you turn.  Viale Teodorico turns into Piazza Firenze.  You're going to enter a huge turning circle.  You want to make a right to remain on Piazza Firenze.  Piazza Firenze turns into Corso Sempione.  After about 1.4 km, you'll want to make a right onto Via Antonio Canova.

Via Antonio Canova turns into Viale Giovanni Milton and you'll be entering a toll zone.  Viale Giovanni Milton turns into Viale Molière which then turns into Via Pietro Paleocapa.  Make a right onto Piazzale Luigi Cadorna. You'll see a interesting looking landmark of twisted metal tubes colored yellow, green and red.  Turn left onto Largo Paolo d'Ancona and it turns into Corso Magenta.  Stay to the left on Corso Magenta and this road turns into Via Santa Maria alla Porta which in turn becomes Via Borromei. Make a left onto Piazza Borromeo and continue until it changes to Via Bocchetto.  Make a right onto Piazza Cordusio and continue onto Via Orefici. Make your final right onto Via Torino and you are in the central part of Milan.  

Since there are some one way roads. You can get on Via Torino and turn right up to Via Amorari which will take you back to Via Cordusio. From there all you need to do is reverse the directions and you'll be able to find your way back to the airport.  Make sure and watch for signs directing you to the terminal.  Many signs will be white, and overhead.
米兰马尔彭萨机场(Milan Malpensa International Airport)
Returning Your Rental Car To the Airport.....

Before returning your rental vehicle, you will certainly want to re-fuel before getting back to the airport.  This will save you a little cash, depending on how much is needed to re-fuel.  There is a little early exit that will take you right in front of a fueling station that most people don't know about, and I can certainly see why.  It's not well marked.  Before getting to the underground tunnel that close to the airport, you will want to exit via the Somma Lombardo (case nuove) exit to the right.  Parenthetically, the Somma Lombardo is a small village near Milan.  It just so happens that this little village is easy to get to.  And it has a Shell Gas Station.

Anyway, take the exit and then veer left.  There will be small signs indicating the direction to the airport, in particular Terminal 2.  The Shell station will be on the left-hand side about 1km from the Somma Lombardo exit.  

After refueling, turn left back on to the Via per Tornavento and travel to the airport.  Drive about 2 km, and turn right towards P, or parking.  Go on overpass and turn right again.  Taxi around for about 1km and watch for signs back to the airport.

Car Rental Driving Distances.....

The city is still among Europe's most important industrial as well as transportation hubs. Milan is considered the tenth most important finance and business center and ranks 26th in the world's economy. It's recognized as a design and fashion capital in the world while also a critical center for music, arts and theater.  There's always something going on for fashion and design, holding major fairs that attract a worldwide audience every year. In fact in 2015, Milan will be the host of the Universal Exposition. Milan is the second biggest city in Italy with a population of approximately 1.3 million.

Finding and strolling through the Piazza del Duomo will give you so much to look at. The center square is populated by many palaces and important current as well as historical buildings. Some of the highlights include The Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, Milan Cathedral (See Picture Below) and Royal Palace of Milan.

Other nearby towns and the driving distances needed to get to them are as follows:

Milan 9.5km
Turin 158 km
Verona 160 km
Cremona 100 km
Como 66 km
Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano), Milan (Milano)

Airport Amenities.....

Many people make sure they take the time to browse the shopping areas before and after their flights. You'll find a lot, because there's much to be offered for the traveler. Besides great shopping, there's many places to eat what you want

from restaurants, self serve to fast food all throughout the airport. It's just a great place to fly in and out of and has become a favorite for many.

Hotels Near the Airport.....

Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel - You can't get any closer to the airport than at the Sheraton. It's right at the terminals with direct access to terminal one. It has over 400 rooms that are all soundproof with the best accommodations. It has an indoor swimming pool, fitness center and a spa for your enjoyment. Rooms start at 94 euros.

Holiday Inn Express Milan Malpensa - The Holiday Inn has spacious rooms and is a solar powered building. It's only 1.5 km from the airport and has all the modern comforts such as air conditioning, satellite TV, Internet and flat screen TV's.  All rooms have a shower. A cold or hot buffet breakfast is served every day and parking is free. Prices start at 59 euros.

Thanks for using for your car rental needs.  We hope you enjoy your stay in Milan and enjoy your car rental experience!!
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