Los Angeles Airport Car Rental

Los Angeles International Airport Background…

Los Angeles International Airport, better known as LAX, is located only sixteen miles from downtown Los Angeles. In 2011, it was named the eighth busiest airport in the world after serving nearly than sixty-two million passengers. The airport, initially named Mines Field, was first built over wheat and lima bean fields in 1930. Nineteen years and two name changes later, LAX was open to the world.

LAX has been made popular through various multimedia entertainment mediums due to the airport’s popularity and the ring to its name brought about by the ‘X’. In the 1930’s the airport’s abbreviation was simply ‘LA’, back when it was named the official airport for Los Angeles. However, as aviation technology took off, so to speak, a three letter identifier became necessary. In 1947, just a couple years before it became an international airport, ‘LA’ turned into ‘LAX’. Coincidentally, ‘LAX’ is also used by the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro and by Amtrax for Union Station located in downtown Los Angeles.

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LAX Car Rental…

LAX boasts more than forty car rental companies, including Advantage, Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, Fox, Payless, National, and Thrifty. All rental companies have nearby sites and regular courtesy shuttles that will pick you up from the airport and take you to their rental site. Requesting a rental car shuttle is as easy and picking up one of the many phone links in the Arrival Level’s baggage claim area. Once you call a shuttle, simply stand under the purple sign marked “Rental Car Shuttles” located just outside the baggage claim area.

LAX is located right next to the Pacific Ocean and pretty much in the heart of Los Angeles. To get to downtown Los Angeles, just have someone from the rental company you choose direct you to Interstate 105, which will likely be extremely close by. Take 105 East to 110 North and about ten to twenty minutes later, traffic permitting, you’ll be in downtown Los Angeles.

Gas stations are everywhere and prices are constantly fluctuating. With more than forty rental car companies to choose from I can’t tell you exactly where the best station for you will be, but I can reassure you that there will be more than a handful to choose from within a three mile radius of your rental car location. Once you return your rental car you’ll be able to use the same free shuttle service, the one that got you from the airport, to return.

Rental car return roads will be the same place you were shuttled to, of course.  There are two roads that contain 99% of the rental car parking areas.  These roads are Westchester Parkway for a few and West Arbor Vitae Street for most.  Advantage, Alamo, Enterprise, and National will all be returned on West Arbor Vitae.  Well-placed green signs will be planted right next to the road direct you to the car rental company of your choice.  Returning your rental car is very easy.  Once you get to the correct rental car return road, it would be difficult to make a mistake.

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Other Airport Amenities…

The number of hotels and restaurants within five miles of LAX has to be seen to be believed. If you’re looking for last minute accommodations or a nice bite to eat, just drive down West Century Boulevard, which is ironically found by driving directly east from LAX, and you’ll have the pick of the litter so to speak. All the major hotel names will be waiting for you along with lesser known hotels, all of which will fight competitively for your business. After checking in to your hotel, or beforehand if you like, you can grab a bite to eat from any fast food restaurant imaginable to various popular five start dining locations, although you may need a reservation for the latter.

Other LAX Car Rental Considerations… 

If you can visualize it, you can book it. SUVs, luxury vehicles, regular cars of various makes and models, LAX is a smorgasbord of car rentals. However, you should keep in mind that most of the rental companies around LAX see a ton of business every day. Booking your car in ahead of time will ensure you get the car you really want, whereas the chance of doing so at the last minute is slim to none.

You’ll probably want to pick-up a GPS with traffic detection during your stay in Los Angeles. It is a really busy place, a fact punctuated by averaging about 170,000 visitors flying into LAX each day. A GPS unit with traffic detection will save you a lot of time and money.

Los Angeles, and California in general, has become a very eco-conscious society, making high miles per gallon, mpg, vehicles very available. Seeing as how California has one of the highest gas prices in the country, this is just as helpful to your wallet as it is the environment. You may want to consider picking one up during your stay.

Source: LAX Wikipedia

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