Long Island Airport Car Rental

Long Island MacArthur Airport Background…

The Town of Islip had no need of an airport until World War II broke out and the government offered the town a sizable sum to build an airport to help with the war effort after Pearl Harbor was bombed. A few months after the initial proposition in April 1942, the United States Civil Aeronautics Administration, which would later be named the Federal Aviation Administration, had built a three runway airport within Islip’s property. The airport was originally named Islip Airport, but was quickly renamed MacArthur Airport after United States General Douglas MacArthur.

The airport received its first terminal in 1949, when the Town of Islip gained control of the airport once the military was done with it. While the terminal laid the ground work for commercial service, it was put on hold during the 1950s while aeronautical research was carried out by the Sperry Corporation. In the 1960s commercial flights began flying to and from the airport. Since then it has seen numerous expansions and additions, and now caters to a little more than eight hundred thousand passengers each year.

McArthur Airport - Long Island

Long Island MacArthur Airport Car Rentals…

There are six on-site car rental companies to choose from, Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, and National. They are all located within the baggage claim area and accessible via individual counters. All cars are located on-site as well and can be picked up just outside the baggage claim area once you’ve finalized all the necessary paperwork. In fact, simply walk out of the front of the terminal and veer right.  Rental cars are situated together in a rental-car-only parking area.

Long Island Airport Directions to New York…

MacArthur Airport is another one of the many that plague the New York metropolitan area. It is located just outside of the Town of Islip and inside the Long Island area. The airport is quite small and closer than most to the heart of The Big Apple. To get to downtown New York City, you’ll want to leave the airport via Schaefer Dr until the road runs into Veterans Memorial Highway. Take a right onto the highway and stay in the right-most lane until you can turn right onto Lakeland Ave. Follow it as it turns into Ocean Ave until you reach the I-495 on-ramp and get onto I-495 West, also known as the Long Island Expressway. You’ll be able to follow the interstate straight into the heart of New York City, but you may want to get off at a nearby exit and walk or take a cab. Traffic in the middle of New York is a beast you’d do best to avoid. Just remember where you park your rental.

You might be hungry after leaving the airport with your newly-hired car.  If so, you might give Mama Mia’s Ristororante a try.  It’s on the left side of the road (as if traveling to West to New York).  It’s right across the road from the Hilton Gardens – probably the first hotel that you’ll see as you hop on Veteran’s Memorial Highway.  Most folks report fabulous Italian food at a fabulous price.

Turning Right onto Veteran's Memorial - Coming from the Airport

Long Island Airport Car Rental Return…

It is impossible for you to return your vehicle to the airport without running into a gas station. They litter the corners all around Veterans Memorial Highway. It doesn’t matter which direction you come from, you will find a gas station or two along the highway before you reach the airport. Refuel on one of the corners, you’ll probably be able to see the airport when you do, and then return your car before boarding your flight back. The only way you won’t get your car back with a full tank is if you neglect to refuel altogether or have a leak.

When returning your vehicle you will not drive in front of the terminal.  Instead, you will return the vehicle back to where you picked it up.  Watch for signs as they direct you to the left side (West side) of the airport.

Other Airport Amenities…

Maybe you haven’t heard, but Southwest Airlines now offers a service that allows you to take your pet with you on-board as long as you meet certain carrying crate conditions. Largely due to this, which has lead to a increase in aerial pet traffic, the airport offers a unique Pet Relief Area near the airport terminal where your pet can relieve him or herself and get a little exercise before and/or after your flight.

Other Car Rental Options at Long Island MacArthur Airport…

GET A GPS SYSTEM! I know I say this for almost every airport within the New York City area, but it really can’t be stressed enough. Unless you’re from the New York City area, or have visited it enough to know your way around, you will need a GPS system. Your phone does not update according to current traffic issues like a rental car company’s satellite GPS service does. It is well worth the little bit extra it costs and all six companies will offer you one. Take whatever deal you can get with a GPS, it’ll save you a lot of time and money.

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