London Stansted Airport Car Rental

Airport Basics.....

The Stansted airport outside of London is currently the fourth busiest airport in all of the United Kingdom.  Of course, its location doesn’t hurt with so many folks traveling in and out of one of the largest cities in the world.  

Heathrow Holdings (presumably the same company that owns the largest airport in the U.K.) was recently forced to sell the airport because of competition concerns.  Being that the airport is now in different hands, hopefully we’ll continue to see positive growth form the airport.



Stansted Airport Car Rental...

Lots of folks use rental cars out of the Stansted Airport – considering the airport is about 60 km to the city center of London.  As such, the airport accommodates its customers with a large choice of rental car companies.  These include Sixt, Enterprise, Alamo, National, Budget, Europcar, Avis and Hertz.  Each of these companies is well-regarded around the world and personally, we would trust any of them.

Cars are parked just to the north of the terminal in what is referred to as the Green Car Park.  Locate your car, take a couple of pictures (especially of any dings or scratches that may exist on the car) and you’re good to go.

Stansted Walkway

Airport Directions to London Downtown Area…

Getting out of the airport is not difficult.  Use Bassingbourn Rd to Thremhall Avenue, then ramp to A120 and then exit to M11.  You will travel about 55-60 km south into the city center of London.

Stansted Airport Car Rental Return...


Returning a car back to the Stansted Airport shouldn’t be too difficult.  Simply reverse the directions and you’ll be fine.  The best place to re-fuel will be found by taking the A120 (W) exit toward B. Stortford.  This is an exit off of M11 about a km before getting back to the airport.  Not only is there a nice Shell petrol station in this area, but you can also find some little fast food restaurants (Burger King and KFC) here before traveling back to the airport. 

After refueling, simply exit the area and travel right back to the airport.  If using a navigational system, you could use the postcode CM24 1RW to return the car back to the appropriate parking lot.  Once you get there, make sure you get the keys to the appropriate rental car associate.  Take more pictures of the vehicle (and a video if possible) and you’re ready to take the flight out of the London area. 

Welcome To Stansted Airport - - 1138274

Stansted Airport Amenities.....

Like many airports, Stansted lures you in by interspersing their cheaper shops with their more high-end shops. The Kurt Geiger store at Stansted is great for any shoe-lover but it probably isn’t the most sensible thing to purchase a £400 pair of stilettos before you go on a messy hen weekend with the girls. My tip is to shop at the airport for small things you need for entertainment on a flight, and save the extravagant purchases for when you are back home. If you are still desperate to buy those shoes from Stansted however, they do have a ‘Shop and Collect’ system where you buy then collect your goods on your return.

The Caviar House at Stansted is something everyone should try once. Rather than your usual airport-dining experience, this seafood bar serves some amazing fish dishes. It can be well worth getting to Stansted a little earlier to sit and have a meal at this delightful place. Don’t worry if caviar is too expensive; their salmon is delicious too. The Starbucks at Stansted is also a popular choice for travelers who just need a caffeine boost before their flight.

Similarly to other airports, Stansted has Wi-Fi access for those who should wish to use it. All you need to do is connect your device to the airport’s network and surf away. Unfortunately the service isn’t free and you may have to pay as you go, so just check before clicking ‘Yes’ to connect to any networks.

A rather surprising facility that Stansted possesses is the showers; for such a small airport this is a very luxurious amenity. The showers are kept clean too, so hygiene doesn’t need to be a worry. In fact, taking advantage of a shower facility can be quite a novelty!

Car Rental Distances From the Stansted Airport.....

We have take the liberty of compiling a list of car rental distances to local areas, out of the Standsted airport.  By the way, you will take the Bassingbourn Road to get out of the facility.  Back to the distances.  These are estimates, so rely on them as such.

Stansted Airport to Bishop's Stortford town Centre, 7 km
Stansted Airport to Saffron Walden, 20 km.
Stansted Airport to Cambridge, 41 km.
Stansted Airport to Royston, 32 km.
Stansted Airport to Harlow, 16 km.
Stansted Airport to Downtown London, 50 km.
Stansted Airport to Stevenage, 40 km.
Stansted Airport to Buntingford, 24 km.

Types of Cars Available for Hire.....

The above mentioned car hire companies offer the usual suspects when it comes to the types of vehicles available.  Mini's, compacts, standards, luxury cars (think Mercedes), and minivans and minibuses are all available.  Usually, however, it is a good idea to book further in advance for the more expensive vehicles, as these are usually kept on hand in smaller quantities by the car rental companies.

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