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 Kaunas Airport
 Vilnius Airport
 Driving a Rental Car in Lithuania…

Rental cars can be found all over Lithuania, but far and away, most rentals are booked out of the largest two airports – Vilnius and Kaunas Airports.  Other popular locations include the Vilnius Train Station, the Kaunas Station and the Klaipeda Railway Station.  Various locations nestled within the cities are also available.

General Driving in Lithuania…

Most folks report that driving in Lithuania isn’t much different than driving in any other European country.  Travelers will find two-laned and four-laned roads ranging neglected to well-maintained – most likely depending on where you are in the country.  The most popular roads would be the A1/E85 that connects Vilnius from the Southeast to Klaipeda to the Northwest.  Also, the A2 runs from Vilnius to Penevezys to the North.  Both are beautiful drives and the entire country can be crossed at its longest point from Klaipeda to the Belarus border in about 4 to 5 hours.

Driving Legally…

First, as in many European countries, seat belts must be worn at all times – true for rental cars as well.   Second, children under 12 years should not sit in the front seat.  Now to the general speed limits you’ll see throughout the country.

•    60 km/h - in towns,
•    90 km/h - on country roads,
•    110 km/h - on highways (from the beginning of October to the end of April),
•    130 km/h - on highways (from the beginning of May to the end of September)

Don’t drink and drive.  That should be evident if you’re a thinking adult.  If you would still like to push it to the limit, then you should know that you’re allowed up to .4 promiles of alcohol in your blood before you’re technically driving while intoxicated.  Amounts above that are punished fairly strongly – as they should be.

Crime in the Area…

There is a little crime in Lithuania – as there is anywhere else.  Most of this is a function of where you are, however.  Be smart.  If you don’t want your wallet stolen, don’t go into a bar that you’re not familiar with.  If you don’t want your rental car stolen, lock the doors.  Common sense goes a long way anywhere – even in Lithuania.

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