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McCarran Airport Background.....

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas is well-known to many tourists who have paid a visit to Sin City. It’s a sprawling airport with 95 aircraft gates in 2 different terminal buildings. Even looking out of your window as your plane lands is exciting, as you will get your first view of the famous Las Vegas Strip, home of some of the best hotels, casinos, and resorts the world has to offer. Of course, vacationers come to the City of Lights to lighten their wallets, and McCarran International Airport offers opportunities to spend on everything from car rentals to slot machines.


Slots at Las Vegas airport

Need to grab a bite to eat before heading out in your new ride? You’ll stroll past over 50 retail stores and almost 30 restaurants, snack shops, and lounges. You won’t find much gourmet food here, but you’ll get your fill. If you’re looking to feed your greed instead, you will love the slot machines sprinkled all over the airport. If you’re as lucky as my travel party was, you will be greeted by pretty, airport-appropriate versions of casino girls and handsome, uniformed attendant boys. There are over 1,200 slot machines at McCarran International Airport, so remember what your grandmother told you and don’t spend all of your money in one place!

I admit I raided the gift shops for enough souvenirs to appease my co-workers and friends. Yes, the souvenirs are typical tourist fare, but everyone liked them back at home. Oh, and if you’re burning to brag to your friends as soon as you step in, you can always whip out your laptop and connect to the free WiFi. They even provide lots of charging stations to plop down and charge your gadgets.

Don’t worry, the gambling spots won’t be the only features to boast about. You will see big posters of Las Vegas’ famous shows and desert-inspired stone lizard statues, too. The second floor is home to the Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum, which is open 24/7. This little museum focuses on the city’s airline history. And the miraculously clean bathrooms echo the importance of tourism to the local economy.

Is there anything about McCarran International Airport that doesn’t shine? Well, the WiFi can be quite slow, although that’s to be expected when it’s offered free of charge at an airport this big. Another common issue for airports this size is that even the fast food joints overcharge and many places to buy food are closed by midnight. Too much of the airport is carpeted, which can make it a pain to roll luggage, especially since it’s such a spacious place. But overall, McCarran International Airport is still one of my favorite airports, because it’s the kind of oddity you will only find in Las Vegas.

Now, once you’re ready to drive into the Entertainment Capital of the World, take Paradise Road or take the Las Vegas Boulevard, best known for the Las Vegas Strip you hopefully saw earlier.  Either way, you’re bound to enjoy the drive.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your rental car, reserve a hotel room, and get ready for Vegas, baby!

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