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Lanzarote Airport Basics.....

One can drive from tip to tip on the Lanzarote Island in about an hour and a half, or less.  From Orzola in the Northern area to Bajo de San Jacinto in the South, this is a neat island.  The Lanzarote airport is 5 kilometres from Arrecife, the island's capital, between the city limits of San Bartolomé and Tías.  The airport sits about halfway in between the Northernmost and Southernmost tips.  

The airport services in the neighborhood of 5 million passengers currently, with very little volatility off of that number for several years.  Most passengers are tourists enjoying this beautiful island.

Lanzarote Airport Car Rental.....

Renting a car at the Lanzarote Airport is fairly simple.  Car rental companies represented in the airport include Auto Reisen, Avis, Cabrera Medina, Cicar, Europcar, Goldcar Rentals, Hertz, and Payless.  These are all fine car rental companies - leaders in their niche- capable of providing a good car at a reasonable price.  And these rental car companies operate offices out of both T1 and T2.  Notice the office presence near the baggage claim area of both terminals.

                               Directions to Lanzarote from the Airport ...

Getting out of the Lanzarote Airport in your rental car is a little awkward.  Roads feed into other roads and round-a-bouts, and eventually you just hit the right combination, and you're out at last.  Signage is a little weak.  Look for road instructions, white letters written on the road.  "Ciudad" in Spanish means "City" in English.  Follow this road to exit the airport and proceed towards the junction.  Coming out of the airport taxi area, you will have a decision to travel north towards Arricife, or Southwest towards Yaiza.  Both travel directions will utilize highway LZ-2.


LZ-67 km 15

If you travel North/East, you will be traveling towards Playa Honda, Playa Del Cable, and Arrecife.  If you go South/West on LZ-2, you will be traveling towards Tias, Las Playas, and Puerto Del Carmen and Yaiza.

Airport Amenities.....

As briefly mentioned above, to say the Island of Lanzarote is a tourist hotspot is an understatement.  The airport on this island is no different.  In terms of international airports, the Arrecife (Lanzarote) airport is somewhat small.  There are essentially two terminals.  One terminal is strictly dedicated to Canary Islands, and the second terminal goes everywhere else. 



Arrecife Airport - arrivals



There are only a few places in the airport to eat, but those that do business in the airport are not bad by most accounts.  Although some of the following are essentially convenience stores, they include 7 Islands and More, Air Zone Shop, Divers, Relay and Sibarium.  There is a flower shop, named the Cactus House and three banking companies located in both the T1 and the T2 terminals.

In what is called "departure hall" there is a lounge area with a fax service, telephone service and Internet service.  In the same area, there is also currency exchange assistance and there is at least one cash machine within the area.  Also in the departures area there a couple of little shops.  The Cesar Manrique offers some locally designed shirts and gift items.


Arrecife Airport -departures

It is important to note that in the Canary Islands VAT is not applied.  Instead there is a specific 5% sales tax.  However, there is a zero tax rate for certain basic need products and services, for example telephone bills.

                                      Hotels Near the Airport.....

At, we often will give kudos to a hotel in Europe, especially if it's near the airport that we are writing about.  One of the hotels on the Island of Lanzarote that stands about 7 km from the airport is the Las Costas Hotel, in Puerto Del Carmen.  The hotel is said to be a good value (I've never personally been there), close to the beach, great food and a pretty good price.  What is wrong with that?  Give it a try!

Car Rental Driving Distances.....

For folks who would like to know more about the distances around the island, we have put together some car rental driving distances for them.  All distances are estimates only, and are from the Lanzarote Airport.

Arrecife, Spain 7 km.
San Bartolomé, Spain, 8 km.
Tías, Spain, 6 km.
Puerto del Carmen, Tías, Spain, 11 km.
Uga, Yaiza, España, 16 km.
Yaiza, Spain, 18 km.
Las Coloradas, Yaiza, España, 30 km.
Tinajo, Spain, 19 km.
Teguise, Spain, 18 km.
Haría, Spain, 34 km.

We always recommend that our customers reserve a GPS when booking their car.  This way, you'll get exact driving distances to your destination.

Car Types Available at the Lanzarote Airport.....

Although most people prefer the smaller rental car types when visiting Lanzarote (and all over Europe for that matter), other cars are also available.  SUV's, Minivans, and even luxury cars are all up for hire when visiting.  Use our booking engine to find what type of car fits you best when booking Lanzarote Airport Car Rental!!

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