Kuusamo Airport Car Rental

Kuusamo Airport Background…

Once of the later airports to be built in Finland, Kuusamo Airport wasn’t constructed and opened for business until 1972. It was built in order to provide a quicker and more direct route Oulu, which was the only regularly scheduled flight when the airport began. It didn’t take long for the airport to realize that a seven hundred meter runway was entirely too small for most of the aircraft at the time. Two years after its grand opening, the airport extended its runway by eight hundred meters.

The airport received a new air traffic control tower in 1977 before it ever built its first passenger terminal in 1988. It was one of the last airports to start serving jets, a service that was started by the airport in 1989 after it extended its runway another five hundred meters. Kuusamo Airport received international status in 2005 and consequently expanded its terminal building in 2009. Today the airport serves about ninety thousand passengers each year. However, that number has been steadily decreasing since 2007.

Inside the Kuusamo Airport

Kuusamo Airport Car Rentals…

There are five car rental companies that offer their services to the customers of Kuusamo Airport. All five have counters that sit right next to each other in the terminal. To find the counter you want, just look at a directory or ask a nearby employee for assistance.

The five companies you can choose from are Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, and Sixt. Once you’ve spoken to a representative and received the keys to your vehicle you’ll be directed to its designated parking spot in the rental lot just outside the terminal. Check the car over for the usual checklist of pre-rental items, dings, a full tank and whatnot, and you’ll be ready to head towards Kuusamo.

Kuusamo Airport Directions to Downtown…

Kuusamo was home to a semi-nomadic people until the seventeenth century, when the Swedish government offered a tax exemption to settlers in the region and caused Kuusamo to be founded by people from Savo and Kaniuu. During World War II the area was abandoned and burned down opposing forces. After the war, the town was rebuilt, resettled and has been going about its business ever since.  Tourism is a major driving force of the town’s economy. More than one million tourists visit Kuusamo each year.

The airport sits northeast of the town, about ten minutes away. To get to Kuusamo from the airport you need to follow Lentokentantle out of the airport for a bit more than a kilometer until it ends into Route 8690. Turn left onto Route 8690 and follow the road for three kilometers until you reach a roundabout. Take the third exit onto Kltantle and continue to follow the road for about two and a half kilometers to reach the center of Kuusamo.

Kuusamo Airport Car Rental Return…

Aside for the gas stations in town, there is one on the way to the airport that you can use to refuel before taking your car back. It is located on the corner of Route 8690 and Kltantle, north of the roundabout you take the third exit on in the aforementioned directions. On your way back simply continue straight through the roundabout (next to the Volvo Dealership), refuel, and then take the Route 8690 exit back to the airport.

Gas Station Not Far From the Airport
Courtesy of Google Street View

Other Car Rental Options at Kuusamo Airport…

If you’re planning on traveling around the outskirts of Kuusamo and enjoying the scenery during your stay, i.e. making your vacation a bit more eco-touristic than otherwise, then you’ll probably want to equip yourself with a GPS system. All five companies offer a GPS system of their own that is connected via satellite to receive real time traffic conditions. It’ll enable you to get from Point A to Point B without getting lost or wasting any fuel. It’ll cost a bit more to rent along with your vehicle, but you’ll save more time and money in the long run.

Between the five companies you shouldn’t have a problem finding a rental you like. If you’re looking for something specific they all advise you to reserve your car about two or three days ahead of time to ensure the car is waiting for you when you arrive. Try to rent it after you land and it may not be available.
Source: Kuusamo Airport

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