Kristiansund Airport Car Rental

Kristiansund Basics.....

The Kristiansund Airport (KSU) is a smaller international airport around 5 km from the town center.  It serves over 350,000 passengers a year and it's important to not mix this up with the Kristiansand Airport which is another airport in the southern region of Norway.  Located at the airport is also a heavily used heliport used to transport oil industry persons to and from the off shore rigs located off the coast.

Kristiansund is found on the west coast of Norway.  This city has many very green gardens and parks that are used all the time by city residents.  The two main parks situated near the center of town were constructed after World War II and this area used to be part of the city's water supply.  These are basically water pond parks and are enjoyed by all.  Kristiansund is the country's bacaleo city. This is a codfish that is dried and salted and has been major exporters of this fish throughout the world.  In recent years, the focus has turned to the oil industry.  They have some of the largest and most abundant oil fields on the globe.
Kristiansund Airport

Kristiansund Airport Car Rental.....

Car Rental companies at the Kristiansund Airport currently include Rent-A-Wreck, National, Hertz, Europcar and Avis.  Getting to Kristiansund is not a long drive particulary, nor is it difficult.  The town of Kristiansund is a little over 8 km from the airport and takes around 15-20 minutes to get there driving.

After picking up the car, you'll want to get on Flyplassveien going toward Nordmørsveien/Rv70. You'll follow this road for around 1.2 km.  You're going to make a right onto Nordmørsveien/Rv70.  There will be yellow directional signs that will clearly point you in the right direction.  This segment of road lasts for 2.7 km and you're going to go through one traffic circle.

At the next traffic circle, you'll want to take the first exit onto Wilhelm Dalls vei/Rv70. You'll still stay on Rv70 and you'll go through another traffic circle en route.  Follow this along for another 3.5 km.  You'll be in town and you'll want to turn left on Kaibakken/Rv70.  (See Picture Below).  Make a right on Langveien and it will take you the harbor.  It's easy to get around town to enjoy the day.

To get back to the airport from Kristiansund, you'll essentially reverse the directions above.  Remeber that re-fueling your car before returning to the airport will save you some money in fuel savings.  There is a an Esso Fueling station on the right hand side of the road (traveling from Kristiansund to the Kristiansund Airport) about 2 km before getting to the airport itself (or about 6 km from the city center of Kristiansund).  The fuel service station sits a little bit off the road, but it's not too difficult to see from the Nordmørsveien road.
Kaibakken Road

Kristiansund Airport Amenities.....

The airport is quite limited in amenities, but it does have a duty free shop full of great items as well as having a Kiosk and the Kverberget that does offer hot and cold dishes, snacks, candy, books, wine, beer and other spirits to enjoy.  You can also enjoy free Wi-Fi in all areas of the airport.

Hotels Near the Kristiansund Airport.....

Thon Hotel Kristiansund - Located at the waterfront it's on Innlandet Island with a view of the city from across the way. Each room has a seating area, TV and a work desk. You also have free parking and Wi-Fi . You have access to many shopping and dining opportunities close by.  See Picture below.

Quality Hotel Grand Kristiansund - In the center of town, all rooms have a TV and refrigerator, free Wireless Internet. They serve an organic breakfast from only local ingredients. The restaurant serves regional dishes and has a bar for your convenience.  A great shopping center is just a short walk away.
Thon Hotel Kristiansund

Other Things to See in Your Kristiansund Airport Car Rental.....

The town has the oldest operating opera that was founded in 1928 and an annual opera festival is held every February.  Also Kristiansund holds the largest photo festival in Northern Europe.  It attracts some of the most famous photographers in the world.

At the harbor you can visit the Norwegian Clipfish Museum. Visit the archipelago of Grip. Because of the unique location and architecture, it has become a very popular tourist attraction. Sundbåtene ferries people across the 4 lands of the city.  Innlandet has become an attraction because of the coastal architecture and it was also the area that was least damaged from bombings during World War II.

Finally, remember that renting a car in Norway can be among the most expensive in the world.  Why?  We're not really sure.  Maybe everything in Norway is expensive.  Maybe there aren't a lot of competing methods of transportation out of the airports.  Either way, remember that it is expensive.
Source: Kristiansund Airport Homepage

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