Jyvaskyla Airport Car Rental

Jyvaskyla Airport Background…

Back in 1939 the airport started out as a military base and stayed that way until World War II was over. The first commercial flight from the airport took off in 1945 and marked the beginning of its civilian-military joint operation efforts. A year later the airport was offering regularly scheduled flights and becoming established as a civilian aviation stop in the area. However despite these early accomplishments, the airport didn’t receive its first terminal until 1960.
In 1988 a new terminal was constructed to modernize the airport. It was renovated and expanded in 2004. Unfortunately the renovation didn’t quite work as planned. Since 2004, when the airport served more than one hundred and fifty thousand passengers, it has been on a steady decline and now only serves eighty thousand passengers each year.

Last year the airport saw its first year of growth, but that growth with less than half a percent increase. Where the airport will be in the next five years is a toss-up.

Jyväskylä airport terminal

Jyvaskyla Airport Car Rentals…

The passengers of Jyvaskyla Airport are serviced by four rental car companies. The list of possible choices includes Avis, Budget, Europcar and Sixt. All four have counters located around the arrivals area of the terminal. You can find them pretty easily by simply walking around, but if you’re in a hurry there are always directories and/or employees around to assist you.

Whichever company you choose will have a representative to talk you through your rental agreement. Once you’ve signed the agreement you’ll be handed the keys to your vehicle and directed to its designated parking spot in the rental lot just outside the terminal. Go through your pre-rental checklist and then get ready to enjoy your stay in Finland.

Jyvaskyla Airport Directions to Downtown…

Jyvaskyla is the seventh largest city in Finland. It is considered the Athens of Finland because it is a major education center for the country and was the first city in the world to provide an education in the Finnish language. On top of that, there is a great deal of art scattered throughout the city by a famous Finnish architect named Alvar Aalto and the city is host to a number of annual attractions, such as the Neste Oil Rally race and the Jyvaskyla Art Festival.

The airport sits twenty minutes north of the city and is surrounded by a bunch of small towns that you’ll pass through before making it into town. Getting to the city is pretty easy to accomplish. Start by exiting the airport via Route 632 and turn right onto E75 when the road ends. After seventeen and a half kilometers you’ll need to exit the highway via exit 637 and turn right off the off-ramp onto Lohikoskentle. You’re going to follow the road for a kilometer and a half as it changes names until you reach the corner of Rajakatu and Sepankatu. Turn left onto the latter street and after half a kilometer you’ll find yourself in downtown Jyvaskyla.

Valtatie 4 Finland Oulu viitta

Jyvaskyla Airport Car Rental Return…

Most of the gas stations in the area are in the city. However, unless you have a very good fuel efficient vehicle, you’re not going to be able to make it back to the airport from Jyvaskyla with a full tank of gas. There is only one gas station between the city and the airport. It is a Nest Oil station about six kilometers up the highway along the route back to the airport (you’ll take a little exit called the Kirri Exit to get you to the gas station). You’re probably going to have to refuel at it if you have a full-full fuel policy.

Other Car Rental Options at Jyvaskyla Airport…

If you’re planning on exploring the area and checking out some of the small towns in addition to Jyvaskyla then I highly suggest you grab a GPS system from one of the four companies at the airport. For just a little bit more per day you can get a satellite-enabled GPS system that will provide directions via real time traffic updates to keep you from sitting in needless traffic or getting lost along the way. You can reserve a GPS system along with your vehicle as far in advance as you want. If you plan on driving quite a bit during your vacation, you’ll save a lot of money with a GPS unit.
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