JFK Airport Car Rental

JFK International Airport Background…

What is today known as the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, New York has gone by various names over the last century. It was originally named Idlewild Airport after the Idlewild Golf Course it was built over in the early to mid-1940s. Before construction was even underway in 1943, the airport saw its first name change to Major General Alexander E. Anderson Airport. This occurred in honor of a Queens resident, and commander of the Federalized National Guard, who had died in 1942. Five Years later the airport was again renamed, this time to New York International Airport, Anderson Field. However, it was commonly referred to as Idlewild until the 1960s. A month after John F. Kennedy was assassinated, the airport was renamed John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Being the main airport for a major world hub, John F. Kennedy International is the sixth busiest airport in America and the seventeenth busiest airport in the world. It sees more than forty-five million passengers each year and more international travelers than any other U.S. international airport. Along with Newark International and LaGuardia, JFK is part of the second largest airport system in the world.

JFK Airport

JFK International Car Rentals…

Renting a car at JFK International is an easy endeavor. At every terminal, on the Arrivals level near baggage claim, there is either a rental car counter or free-to-use courtesy telephone. To get to your rental company/vehicle, you can make free use of JFK’s AirTrain system, a shuttle service that will take you to Federal Circle Station for free. A few of the car rental agencies you can choose from include Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz and National.

Simply flying into New York City by way of JFK basically puts you right into the heart of The Big Apple. Any direction you try to go in, other than taking a dip into the nearby Atlantic Ocean, will lead you deep into the heart of New York City. You’ll start at Federal Circle Station, going North on I-678. From there you have so many choices, I don’t know where to begin. You could go East or West onto Belt Parkway or continue North on Van Wyck Expressway. You could even decide to head South and around, through JFK, to JFK Expressway, but you’ll only end up East on Belt Parkway or heading South-East onto Rockaway Blvd.

When returning your vehicle, you can fuel up at the Triangle Service Station, Shell or BP that are located on the airport’s property. However, to do so you’d essentially have to drive past the rental company you purchased the car from. If you want to be a bit more productive, take an exit off of Belt Parkway or Van Wyck Expressway before coming up on Federal Circle. If worst comes to worst, you can always use the Kennedy Service Center found on Federal Circle.

View from JFK Fairfield Inn Hotel Room

Other JFK International Amenities…

Looking for a hotel or restaurant? Drive straight and take an exit, any exit. When you’re in the heart of New York City, everything is just a few steps away. Fine dining, fast food, it’s all located well within the first few miles of JFK International. You could restrict your vacation to everywhere within a five mile radius on JFK and have quite a time. There are plenty of parks and recreational opportunities well within reach. The hardest thing to do is to make a decision about what to do first. My advice? Make a list and accomplish whatever you come across first.

Car Rental Options at JFK International…

I won’t list the type of vehicles you can rent from the various companies at JFK because you can rent them all. You can even choose to pay the AirTrain to take you to some other destination in New York and rent a car away from the airport if need be. Like everything else in New York, the choice is there. All you have to do is make a decision.

One decision you may want to make is GPS. It’ll save you a lot of time and money inside New York City’s labyrinth. However, like I’ve said two other times now, the choice is always yours. Enjoy your time in New York, New York.
Source: JFK Airport Wikipedia

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