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Car Rental Fuel Policy in Italy.....

All the historical sites left behind along the largest and most famous boot in the world make purchasing a rental car in Italy a necessity for most international tourists. However, while you may be excited beyond words for the trip that awaits you, signing a rental car agreement without checking over the details in downright ludicrous. There are dozens of policies and hidden fee stipulations that are easy to overlook while in a highly anticipatory state. We won’t go over them long because, quite frankly, that would take too long. What we will cover is one of the most important stipulations you’ll need to make note of no matter which rental company you choose to work with- the fuel policy.

In many cases, gasoline is more important than the vehicle itself. After all, without fuel your rental car is completely useless. When you receive a rental vehicle, you probably expect it to come with a full tank of gas. While this is generally the case, car rental companies are not chomping at the bit to pay out of pocket for each vehicle’s fill-up between clients. Instead, they implement fuel policies that help recoup their fuel costs by getting customers to pay for the fuel. There are two major fuel policies to be aware of before you sign your car’s rental agreement; Full/Full and Full/Empty.

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The Most Common Rental Car Fuel Policy in Italy.....

Full/Full policies actually come in a myriad of choices. Anytime you see an identical policy, e.g. Half/Half or Three-Fourths/Three-Fourths, you’re dealing with the same premise as a fuel policy with a different gauge point besides ’F’. No matter how it is represented, the Full/Full policy and its ilk are the most common fuel policies found in Italy.

What is the Full/Full policy? Basically, you start off with a full tank of gas, which is represented by the first “Full” in the name. You are then legally obligated after signing an agreement with a Full/Full policy to bring the rental car back with a full tank of gas, hence the second “Full” in the name. Follow the policy and bring the car back with the dial or fuel readout on ‘F’ and you won’t incur any additional fees or fuel costs whatsoever.

If you don’t bring the car back on ‘F’ though, you’re going to be held financially responsible. At best, you only have to pay for whatever it takes to get the tank back to ‘F’. This sounds reasonable enough, until you get the bill and realize that you were charged a lot more than the petrol station down the street. You see, the car rental agency can charge you whatever rate they want, and they rate is usually a bit higher than the highest rate in the country and much higher than petrol stations within a five mile radius, of which the rental car company is probably being supplied by. On top of paying extravagant fuel prices to fill up the tank, you’re likely to be charged a fill-up fee to pay the person who has to actually fill the car up. If you’re really unlucky, you may even end up having to pay for whatever the cost of an entire tank is regardless of how much under ‘F’ you are.


The Worst Rental Car Fuel Policy.....

The Full/Empty policy sounds a lot better than the Full/Full policy on the surface. It states that while you end up with a full tank of gas upon departure, you are allowed to bring the car back on ‘E’ for no additional costs. This policy is usually an optional choice you can switch out for the Full/Full policy, but it comes with a catch. You have to pay for the first tank of gas that your car comes with, and you’re going to end up paying the car rental company’s fuel rate for it. If you bring the car back with half a tank of gas after signing a Full/Empty policy, don’t expect a refund or reimbursement. You probably won’t even get a “thank you”, much less a dime.

Either be mindful of your vehicle’s fuel or pay an additional fee up front not to worry about it. In the end the choice is usually yours when dealing with Italian rental car agencies. All you have to do is read the fine print and ask a few clarifying questions.

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