Innsbruck Airport Car Rental

Innsbruck Airport Basics.....

Innsbruck is situated in the Western arm of Austria, about a two-hour drive South of Munich.  The airport itself is situated about 6 km to the West of the city center of Innsbruck - and just South of the beautiful North Tyrolean Alps.  The airport was built in the mid 1920's and serves approximately 1 million passengers per year.


Innsbruck Airport Car Rental.....

Several car rental companies offer services at the airport including Avis, Budget, Europcar, and Hertz.  Each car rental company has representatives in both the terminal area (the main hall near the arrivals area of the terminal on the upper floor) and in the multi-story car park that sits right in front of the terminal.  To get to the actual rental vehicles, simply exit out of the front of the terminal and to the car park.  There are handy coverings on the sidewalk to protect you from the elements as you walk to the building.

For folks traveling to the city center of Innsbruck, you will simply drive our of the airport area and travel East towards the city center.  As you pull out on the Fürstenweg road you will want to travel about 1.8 km until you get to Bachlechnerstr road.  Turn right on Bachlechnerstr, a four-lane road that travels via a bridge over the Inn River.  Just after crossing the river, you will want to take the first left towards the city center.  Drive past the University of Innsbruck towards the city center and be sure to watch for signs as you drive.

When returning your rental car, you will most likely want to re-fuel fairly close to the airport.  To do so, there is an Esso Station on the left-hand side of the road on the Fürstenweg road mentioned above.  We believe that it sits right after you go underneath the rail tracks coming back to the airport on Fürstenweg.  The phone number for the station is +(43)-512-22777.

Restaurants Near the Innsbruck Airport.....

Before you get too far out of the airport area, we recommend that you pull your rental car over - less than 1 km from the airport on the right-hand side - at a place called Burkia.  The restaurant is centered near a group of tennis courts and other physical activity areas.  The food is generally Austrian, and created from high-quality, local ingredients.  The owners speak English for those who might be "German-langage-challenged".  Prices are reasonable, considering the food and wonderul service.

Hotels Near the Innsbruck Airport.....

Not far from the Innsbruck Hotel is the Penz Hotel West.  Formerly the Sporthotel Penz was re-opened not too long ago with newly-built rooms and bathrooms.  The hotel offers free parking (for those who have a rental car), free Wi-Fi and a pretty solid breakfast starting at 4:30 in the morning.  If you choose not to rent a car (or want to return you rental car early before your flight out the following morning), you can walk to the airport within 5 minutes.  The hotel is right across the road to the Burkia restaurant above, if you're looking for a great lunch or dinner.

Penz West Hotel - Innsbruck Austria

Other Innsbruck Airport Car Rental Considerations.....

There is at least one other Innsbruck car rental location.  On Valiergasse Road, you can pick up a rental car.  The pickup location is actually on the opposite end of Innsbruck from the airport.  Daily rental prices are about the same as they would be at the airport, so unless you really need one from that end of town, we would recommend hiring from the airport - as you will likely have more choices.  

Other options for you at the airport include GPS's, additional drivers, ski racks, snow tires, and various children's car seats.  These can be reserved when booking your car or you can add these on when picking up the rental at the airport location.

Finally, we want to thank you for visiting our site.  We hope that you learned something about renting a car at the Innsbruck Airport.  Come back any time!!

Source: Innsbruck Airport Homepage

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