Idaho Falls Airport Car Rental

Idaho Falls Regional Airport Background…

Okay, so the airport doesn’t offer any historic information on how it came to be and I couldn’t find anything in a quick search. However, after researching the background of so many airports, especially the hundreds of American airports you’ll find throughout the site, I feel certain a brief summary of the usual airport tendencies will suffice.

First of all, most airports of note in the United States started between 1920 and 1938. During this time the airport was either opened by the city or region it is named after or by a private wealthy individual that resided in the city or region it is named after. Most started some small bit of regular commercial flight service, but it’s usually nothing much since the United States military took over almost all of these airports during World War II. After the war, most airports were returned to their nearby cities and turned into generic commercial airports.

A few named changes, expansions and renovations get the airport to where it is today. Idaho Falls Regional Airport serves less than one hundred and fifty thousand people a year.

Idaho Falls Airport

Idaho Falls Regional Airport Car Rentals…

Despite its relatively low number of passengers, the airport offers car rental services from seven of the eight national car rental companies you can in airports throughout the United States. Alamo, Avis, Budget, Hertz, and National can all be located on-site via counters besides the baggage claim area. Enterprise and Thrifty are located off-site and can be reached by using a courtesy phone or your own cell phone to call for the free shuttle service both companies provide.

On-site the cars are all conveniently located just outside the terminal in a rental lot you will be directed to once you’ve filled out all the proper rental agreements. The car rental lot is actually situated just to the North of the terminal.  To get there, walk out of the main entrance/exit.  Turn to your left and the lot will sit immediately in front of you.  It is on the same side of the road as the terminal, and is less than 100 meters from the terminal.  It is very easy to get into and out of.

Idaho Falls Airport Directions to Idaho Falls…

Idaho Falls may have a “regional” airport, but the only things in the region besides Idaho Falls are three small towns that only family members of residents visit. Other than the city, you’re stuck looking at a vast expanse of nothingness. Start your journey by taking N Skyline Dr out of the airport and down a few miles until you reach the N Skyline Dr/W Broadway St intersection (a Phillips 66 station sits across from the intersection here). Take a left onto W Broadway St and follow the road over the river that crosses through Idaho Falls until it ends into Yellowstone Ave. When you reach said intersection, you’ve made it to Downtown Idaho Falls.

Everything else of note can be reached by taking I-15 South to Pocatello, the next closest city, or I-15 North to the scenic pastures and the wide variety of protected forest areas. Going north along State Highway 20 will end up taking you to Targhee National Forest. If you feel like driving quite a ways, you could always head along I-15 South until you reach Salt Lake City.

Restaurants Near the Idaho Falls Airport…

There really aren’t many options right near the airport, so I’ll discuss a little bit about another restaurant – Snakebite restaurant at 401 Park Ave in Idaho Falls.  To get there, simply continue on Broadway as mentioned above, but turn onto N Capital Ave then the first right onto B Street, then a right on Park Ave.  These are all one-way streets downtown, so you have to make due.

The eating at the Snakebite is pretty good, at least by most accounts.  You can pick up a good sandwich, but you may have to wait to get it.  Burgers are reportedly very good, but again, what’s your time worth?  Also, they don’t accept credit cards, so you’ll need cash to settle up.  Parking is somewhat limited, but you probably won’t have too much problem getting in and out.

Snakebite Restaurant Burger

Idaho Falls Airport Car Rental Return…

On your way back you’ll want to take the I-15 W Broadway exit and refuel at one of the many gas stations along the road. There is little else after them and nothing directly on the path back. Refuel and then take N Skyline Dr all the way into the airport. It’s the easiest and most affordable method to use when returning your rental car. The last one is the Phillips 66 that sits right across from the entrance into the airport mentioned above.

If you’re heading back via State Highway 20 then get off on Lindsay Blvd and refuel at the local Gas ‘n Grub before continuing onward to the airport. If you don’t like that option then you’ll have to drive past the airport and use W Broadway like everyone else.

Remember that the car rental parking lot is situated right before the terminal – on the same side of the road.  There are plenty of signs directing you back to the lot, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Other Car Rental Options at Idaho Falls Regional Airport…

Rental cars available at the airport will include all of the typical vehicles that you’re probably accustomed to if you rent much. Economy car and standard compacts are always available and SUV’s, and luxury cars and minivans are USUALLY available.  Book early to increase your chances of getting the vehicle that you really want. Reserving will save you money in the long run and leave your finances open to more things like a GPS system. Sure it’ll cost you ten or fifteen more dollars a day, but the money you’ll save with up-to-date traffic directions will more than make up for it.
Source: Idaho Falls Airport

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