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Granada Airport Basics.....

The Federico Garcia Lorca Airport Granada Airport (more commonly referred to as the Granada Airport) serves its particular area of Spain quite nicely.  The airport is situated about 15 km from the actual town of Granada.  Traffic has decreased to under a million passengers per year over the last few years since the global downturn.

Granada Airport Car Rental.....

Renting a car at the Granada Airport is pretty easy.  You'll have three car rental companies to choose from - Goldcar, Hertz and Europcar.  Each rental car company has a desk located in the small terminal, not far from the arrivals area.  Vehicles are located across the street, near a couple of off-site, third party parking service companies.  Shuttle services are offered from the airport to the area where the cars are actually located.  Signs are well-marked.  

To get to Granada, you will travel out of the airport area, and merge right onto A-92 towards Santa Fe and Granada.  About 400-500 meters after merging, you will take the 230 exit towards Granada and Santa Fe (Notice the white and blue signs - the blue directs you to travel on A-92, while the white one directs a more scenic, shorter route near Santa Fe) via the Autovia A-92G.  Drive about 11.5 km on this road (from the white sign) until you get to a traffic circle in town.  Take the first right at the traffic circle and travel towards the city center.

To get back to the airport, simply reverse the directions above and travel back on A-92G.  One thing to remember is that rental car fuel policies at the Granada Airport vary.  Some vehicles operate on a 'full-empty' fuel policy, meaning that you will pick up your rental car with a full tank and should return the car with an empty tank.  We do not favor this policy at all, but the car rental companies have full discretion on all fuel policies.  The second fuel policy type is called a 'full-full' policy.  This means that you will pick up the rental car with a full tank and you should return it with a full tank as well.  You should check your rental car's policy to determine exactly how you should handle fuel.

If your rental car's policy happens to be a 'full-full' policy, then you will want to re-fuel near the airport before returning.  To do so, we recommend a Repsol Station on A-92G near Santa Fe about 4 km from the airport.  The petrol station is on the right-hand side of the road and is easily seen and accessed via the recommended return route above.
Santa Fe


Hotels / Restaurants Near the Granada Airport.....

Casa del Trigo Hotel Granada - There aren't many hotels near the Granada Hotel in Spain, and none, within walking distance of the airport itself.  But, if traveling to Granada the Casa del Trigo Hotel may be a good place for you.  It is rated as a four-star hotel - and yes, it's nice, but I'm not sure if it's that nice.  The hotel sits about three or four blocks off of the A-92G on the way to Granada from the hotel, nestled in the heart of Santa Fe.  The area is clean and there are some small, restaurants nearby (some recommend the Cafe Bar La Union).  Most report a comfortable bed and a pleasant staff.  There is also a very good breakfast at the hotel.

Car Rental Types at the Granada Airport.....

Various car rental types are available at the Granada Airport.  Starting with the most expensive, the 9-passenger van is typically for hire.  7-passenger vans are usually available as well.  Luxury cars such as the Mercedes can be hired, and station wagons too.  Diesels, petrol, automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, GPS's, chidrens' seats - all kinds of options are at your disposal at the Granada.  Simply use our handy booking engine to determine exactly what you want your Granada rental car to be equipped.  

Finally, thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you have learned something about renting a car at the Granada Airport.  Please come back any time!!
Source: Spain Granada Airport Official Page

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